Salman Khan Left “No Entry Mein Entry” After Tiff With Boney Kapoor

Salman Khan leaves "No Entry Mein Entry" due to his tiff with Boney Kapoor, the makers will now make the film without the actor.

No Entry Mein Entry: Anees Bazmee’s film No Entry will soon be back with its sequel “No Entry Mein Entry”. Recently it was reported that Salman Khan had decided to shelve the movie due to some financial complications. While as per the latest reports it is now believed that the franchise rights remain with Boney Kapoor and without his consent, Salman cannot continue with the sequel. It is also reported that due to Salman-Boney’s fallout the film will now be getting shelved.

Salman Khan Leaves No Entry Mein Entry

If a Times Of India report is to be believed then the No Entry Mein Entry film might be getting shelved. As per the report, the franchise rights remain with Boney Kapoor and without his legal consent, the makers and Salman cannot do the film. The report further stated that Anees Bazmee might do the film without Salman.

A source quoted to the portal, “No Entry is a franchise owned by producer Boney Kapoor. There is no way Salman can do the sequel without Boney’s legal consent. Boney has told his friends he would happily give Salman the right to the sequel. However, Salman hasn’t asked. So technically there is no ‘No Entry Part 2’.”

Many reports have claimed that the reason behind Salman Khan and Boney Kapoor’s tiff is his son Arjun Kapoor who currently is in a relationship with Salman Khan’s ex-sister-in-law Malaika Arora Khan. If the reports are true then this might be a disappointment for the fans to watch the much-anticipated sequel without the original cast.

Anees Bazmee On No Entry

In an interview with Etimes, Anees Bazmee opened up on making the sequel of No Entry he said,  “We don’t just want to cash in on the popularity of the franchise by making something mediocre, but want this film to live up to its previous part. When we first spoke about making a sequel as a team, we bounced off several ideas, which we discussed and eventually rejected.”

He added, “Finally, in 2016, we came up with a one-line idea, which we all agreed upon. Developing a script around this one-line idea and then writing the dialogues took a lot of time. People say that one should leave their brains behind while watching such films, but to make such a film jahan log apna dimaag apne ghar chhod kar theatre mein aye aur enjoy kare, we have to work our mind a lot,”

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