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Prakash Jha Slams Bollywood Filmmakers For Bakwas Films And Remakes

Prakash Jha addressed the current situation of Bollywood stating filmmakers are not making original content, movies are not only made through money

Bollywood is in a poor state this year as back-to-back films are falling flat at the box office. Even big-budget films are undergoing a dry run failing to make big at the ticket window. Filmmaker Prakash Jha commented on the Bollywood downfall these days. He addressed the situation stating filmmakers are making bakwas crap.

Prakash Jha delivered the third season of the famous web series Aashram. He received success and praises for Aashram 3 when films are struggling for box office collection. Jha cited that poor content of films is leading to poor performance at the box office. He also stressed that most of the films being made these days are remakes. Original content is lacking in Bollywood, films are just remakes of Telugu, Tamil, or Hollywood. 

Prakash Jha said, “They should understand that they are making bakwas [crap]. A film can’t be made only through money, corporates, and paying a high amount to the actors. For that one needs to write a good story that makes you understand, shakes you up, and entertains.”

He further added, “They should make stories that are rooted. People from the Hindi industry are speaking in Hindi but what are they making? They are just making remakes. If you don’t have [an original] story to tell, stop making films. They should work hard and think original. People have become lethargic. We are not investing in stories and content. We are not giving time to writing. We aren’t respecting those who have the right stories. We are respecting glamorous stars who come to the shoot with 8-10 vans and 20-25 staff.”

On the work front, Prakash Jha was critically acclaimed for the political crime thriller web series Aashram. The third season was released in June and received much love. Prakash will play a labour’s role in his upcoming film Matto Ki Saikil. The movie is scheduled to release in theatres on September 16.

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