Mukesh Rishi Recalls The Iconic ‘Kheer Scene’ & Playing A ‘Loud Antagonist’ In “Sooryavansham”

Mukesh Rishi said that his character in the movie "Sooryavansham" was loud and people used to like villains in that loud appearance only.

Mukesh Rishi, who was recently seen in the series “Indian Police Force”, is one of the greatest villains in Bollywood. Starting with the movie “Gradish”, he impressed filmmakers with his desirable physique and looks. Apart from all the work he has done in the Bollywood as well as Tollywood film industry, more than half of the audience, especially Gen Z kids, know him for his character in the movie “Sooryavansham”. Kevda Thakur has appeared on the television screen many times. If you are aware of the social media memes, Sooryavansham is a patent movie of Set Max channel. In a recent interview with Lehren Retro, he talked about his negative role in the movie Sooryavansham.

Mukesh Rishi was fortunate that he had shared a screen with legendary stars during his initial days in the industry. And Amitabh Bachchan was one of them. He worked as the opposite lead with Big B in the Sooryavansham movie. And it became a hit. The iconic scene from the movie when he mixes poison in Amitabh’s Kheer (desert), gave him immense popularity. His cruelty in the movie made people believe in the scene and created dominance of Kevda Thakur amongst audience. The antagonist that he played in the movie was so huge and real that he succeeded in creating a negative impact on the audience. Talking about his role as Kevda Thakur, he said that he started his work with senior actors in the industry, and thus he used to prepare beforehand.  At that time, he didn’t get any complicated roles and hence there was no need to discuss it. Even while working with Amitabh Bachchan, they never discussed any scenes before rolling because it was not needed for the situation.

Talking about the Villain characters during the 90s and late 90s era, he said that people used to like villains with that specific loud appearance. But the definition of today’s villain has been changed. They are no longer loud now. He also shared his way of working; he defined how the director’s decision is final for him. And he always follows the director’s opinion while portraying any characters.

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