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Mira Rajput Reveals The Most Annoying Habit Of Shahid Kapoor

In a QnA round on Instagram, Mira Rajput revealed the most annoying habit of Shahid Kapoor.

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput make one lovely couple. They don’t shy away from indulging in PDA on social media and that’s exactly what their fans love about them. Shahid is a talented actor with a huge fan following. His wife Mira, who hails from non-filmy background has also become a social media influencer now with a following in millions.

Recently, she did a QnA round where she answered some interesting questions asked by her fans. A fan asked, “Shahid’s most annoying habit also one thing you love most about him.”

To this, she replied, “He makes a zillion typos. I have to really figure out what he’s saying but by now I have kind of understood what he means when he says something else. And I love him. I love everything about him.”  

Another fan asked who usually wins arguments between her and Shahid. Mira nonchalantly said, “Me, who else?”

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