Janhvi Kapoor Confirms Her Relationship With Shikhar Pahariya?

After Boney Kapoor's indirect revelation about Janhvi Kapoor's relationship with Shikhar Pahariya, Janhvi confirmed her relationship with her pendant.

Janhvi Kapoor and her relationship status is a tea in the town. Janhvi Kapoor is allegedly in a relationship with Shikhar Pahariya. They both have made public appearances together on several occasions but yet there was no official validation of it, and thus it was a big question whether Janhvi is in a relationship or not. But, now it seems like Janhvi has confirmed her relationship with Shikhar Pahariya.

Janhvi Kapoor attended the special screening of her father’s film ‘Maidaan’ on April 10th. Boney Kapoor has produced this biographical drama based on the golden era of football. For that special screening, Janhvi styled up and made her sizzling appearance on the red carpet in white suits and matching trousers. But it wasn’t her outfit that grabbed the attention of viewers; it was her elegant, delicate necklet which became the centre of attraction yesterday. A simple thin silver chain with an alphabetical pendant suited her outfit, but what was written on that pendant? The pendant was made of Shikhar’s name. It was SHIKHU. She wore the pendant having his name written on it, is a big YES, she indirectly said in public. And it seems like there is no need for any other confirmation as Janhvi has confirmed it at Maidaan’s screening.

Earlier, Janhvi Kpoor made some indirect revelations about her relationship with Shikhar on Bollywood’s gossip show Koffee With Karan 8. When she was asked about 3 names on her speed dial during the rapid fire round, she replied instantly, “Papa, Khushu, and Shiku”.

In a recent interview of Boney Kapoor with ZOOM, he said, “I love him and, in fact, a couple of years back when Janhvi was not seeing him, I was still friendly to him.” He clearly mentioned when Janhvi WAS not seeing him that clearly says that now she IS seeing him. Well, all these signal towards a grand celebration of their relationship soon. 

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