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The IFFM 2021 Pays Homage To OG Auteur Satyajit Ray

Its indeed an proud moment for our glorious and globally loved indian cinema also known as Bollywood since the IFFM 2021 pays homage to OG auteur and storyteller Satyajit Ray.

Its indeed an feeling of pride for all the audiences and fans along with Bollywood as the only iconic face of Indian cinema who is termed as a thespian film maker that changed the way of storytelling and image of Bollywood globally, The IFFM 2021 pays homage to OG auteur Satyajit Ray.

The only face of our hindi films and specifically the one of finest storytellers who has often been credited for giving birth to our indian cinema since it marks a century which means 100 years to this dynamic director, The IFFM 2021 pays homage to OG auteur Satyajit Ray.

In order to celebrate his legacy which paved the way to creation of a much more trailblazing indian cinema with diverse genres of indian language films being made in our country, The IFFM 2021 pays homage to OG auteur Satyajit Ray.

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Often seen through a social and realistic lens, the spectacular oeuvre of Satyajit Ray speaks for itself. IFFM celebrate the auteur and an artist par excellence, and this year marks the 100 years of the legendary phenomenon i.e., Satyajit Ray. Standing at a transcending 6.4 ft, he is recognized as one of the most prominent filmmakers and undoubtedly, one of most versatile creative geniuses of India. Ray is an indispensable part of our Indian cinema and his presence has dominated the local and global screens for more than 60 years.

In the honor of his birth centenary celebrating his great works and contributions to the film industry, the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne pays homage to him by showcasing some of his finest films for viewers to watch. The films will be shown in cinemas, at the iconic Federation Square, and through online streaming at the Australian film festival.

The films that will be screened in cinema is the masterpiece The Apu Trilogy that constitutes of Pather Panchali, Aparajito, and Apur Sansar. And the films that will be available for online viewing are Ghanashatru, Glaire Bhaire, Charulata, Nayak, Mahapurush, Mahanagar, Joi Baba Felunath, Aguntuk and documentary film A Ray of Light. Additionally, the Music of Satyajit Ray, another documentary series on Ray’s journey as a music director and composer will be shown at the Fed Square and will be streamed online.

The IFFM’s festival director Mitu Bhowmick Lange says, “Satyajit Ray’s cinema creates a perspective and engaging portrait of our society by highlighting the complexities of the modern world. His ingenuity, style of work, and passion for all things creative are loved by cinephiles across the world. We at the IFFM salute the auteur and are honored to present a line-up of his films to celebrate his centenary at the festival”.

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