Anil Sharma Opens Up About Gadar 2 Budget, Says, “Kuch Actor 200 Crore Lete Hai..”

During an exclusive interview, director Anil Sharma opens up about Gadar 2 budget and the fees charged by Sunny Deol.

These days, people are not only interested in watching films, but they are also equally enthusiastic about its BTS videos, box office collection, budget, fees of the star cast and other inside scoops. This week, action superstar Sunny Deol is returning with the sequel of his all-time blockbuster Gadar: Ek Prem Katha. The hype around the film is quite strong. People are eagerly waiting to watch Tara Singh and Sakina’s chemistry after 22 years. The trailer was released a few days ago and it has been well-received by the audience. Ahead of the film’s release, director Anil Sharma has shared interesting details regarding the making of the film.

Anil Sharma revealed that, unlike the current trend of extensively using VFX in movies, he opted for real action sequences to bring authenticity. During an exclusive chat, he said, “In Gadar 1 and in Gadar 2, I shot real action sequences. You can’t get raw action with VFX. It is a bit challenging but it has its own fun. I might have blasted 500 bombs, and blew up 30-40 cars. For Gadar 2, we made a tank and blew it. So, we have gone for real action in both films. Generally, people are doing VFX action these days. But the effect of real dust, and real fire is totally different. So, it is one major characteristic of our film. We have also focused on making a big film with a small budget.”

According to viral media reports, Gadar 2 budget is estimated to be Rs 85-100 crore. Anil Sharma rubbished the rumours and stated that it is much less than that. He told, “The budget has been very reasonable. And it would be better if Zee Studios talks about it. But what people say in the market is not true. The budget is much less than Rs 100 cr.”

Talking about Sunny Deol’s fees, he said, “We have controlled the fees of people. Even Sunny Deol compromised a lot in his fees. These days, heroes and directors charge huge amounts of fees. People are making films with Rs 500 crore budget from which the hero takes away Rs 150-200 cr. But we decided to invest money in production. Army was a big support to us. They gave us tanks, jawaans, and locations. So, I am very thankful to Indian Army.”

Gadar 2 is directed and produced by Anil Sharma. it features Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel, Utkarsh Sharma, Manish Wadhwa, Gaurav Chopra and Luv Sinha.

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