Ananya Birla Steps Out From The Music Industry, Announces Exit Through A Social Media Post 

Ananya Birla has decided to focus on business, and thus she has taken a decision with heavy heart to exit the music industry, said "There is so much talent in our own country."

Ananya Birla, who recently gave a rhythmic romantic song, ‘Jazbaati Hai Dil’ for the movie ‘Do Aur Do Pyaar’, has taken a decision to quit the music industry. The singer announced the news through her social media account citing the reason that she wants to focus on her entrepreneurial skills. Her decision to leave music has been a shock to many, including her latest co-singer, Armaan Malik, with whom she has enjoyed the melody of Jazbaati Hai Dil. 

She scribbled a note on Instagram this Monday,6th May saying, “Guys, this has been the hardest decision. I’ve reached a stage where balancing both the businesses I run and am building + music is becoming near impossible, and it’s taking a toll on me in ways that I can’t express. Thank you for all the love for the music I’ve released over the years. I hope one day we can appreciate English music made by our own people as there is so much talent in our own country.” She ended her note with the statement “It’s time I focus all my energies to the business world.”

Her fellow cosigner Armaan Malik reacted to her post; he wrote, “So sad to hear that, Ananya, but you keep doing you! More power to all your dreams and future endeavours.” Animal actor Lord Bobby also expressed his vision of Ananya leaving music, he wrote, “Wish you the best in whatever you do in your life, and God bless you.” 

Ananya Birla stepped into the music industry through her single ‘Livin’ The Life’ released in 2016. At the beginning of this year, Ananya also collaborated with a rapper, Offset, for ‘Cuffed (Jo Tha Mila)’. Ananya didn’t get the exposure she was expecting from Indian audiences for her English songs, as the female singer was more inclined towards English music.  But as she has decided, she will concentrate her focus on business ventures. 

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