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Dusshyant Wag: Definition Of An Actor Has Now Broadened And Emerged!

Given the spotlight on them both on and off-screen, actors are usually under the pressure of looking good all the time. Actor Dusshyant Wag says that this phenomenon is true. He talks about how he deals with this expectation of looking perfect every time he steps out.

“Appearance does play a major role in an actor’s career. We need to “LOOK” the character we portray. The agencies, casting directors too, do send a description of a certain body type and looks they are looking at/expecting for the part when they contact actors. I would like to take you back to an era in the industry when looks were considered to be of utmost importance. If one had ‘good looks’ it was easier to bag the lead role. However, even in that era, many actors impressed the audience with their sheer acting skills. Slowly the trend changed to having a muscular physique along with the looks. ‘The conventional hero’ of Indian cinema got presented as charming yet powerful. He had to be charismatic, fearless, and courageous,” says the actor, known for TV shows Ishq Mein Marjawaa, Mere Angne Mein, and films including Tera Mera Saath Rahen, School and 3 Idiots.

But today, according to Dusshyant, talent is the deciding factor. “The definition of an ‘actor’ has now broadened and emerged out of the ‘run-of-the-mill’ stereotypes. With more realistic scripts being made, appearance has rightly taken a back seat and talent is getting all the limelight it deserves. Actors like Nawaz (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) bhai do not necessarily have the so-called conventional looks or muscular physique, but they are still getting recognized worldwide. In a nutshell, I really don’t think that looks are the only important thing for an actor now,” he explains.

About maintaining the off-screen persona, the actor feels that it is more of a personal choice.

‘Having good looks’ and ‘looking good’ are two different things but yes they are pretty much related. Having good looks is God’s gift but how one takes care of one’s own self and tries to look good is on them. I think that looking good, grooming oneself brings positivity. It makes one feel good from within. It is a positive thing, he adds.

Unlike earlier times, actors need to look good even on social media. “Unfortunately, that is correct. Whenever actors step out of their houses, there is an immense ‘social pressure’ to be dressed well all the time irrespective of when, where, and what they are stepping out for. With the technological advancement and easy access to mobile cameras, the internet, and social media, it is difficult to predict the reach of any click at any random point. Such things spread like a wildfire online. Hence, to live up to this expectation is exhausting. I acknowledge the immense love fans shower on us and that they want their “icons” to be perfect individuals but at the same time, one needs to understand that actors are also human beings,” he says.

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