Disha Patani’s S*xy Saree At Ganesh Puja Invites Criticism, Netizens Call It “Vulgar”

Disha Patani's recent attire choice at Ganesh Chaturthi raises eyebrows - Fans criticize her fashion statement.

Ganesh Chaturthi festivities were in full swing, and as always, the Ambani house was a hub of star-studded Puja celebrations. Among the celebrities gracing the event, the gorgeous Disha Patani stood out and turned heads with her captivating presence. A video of the actress from the event has gone viral, and fans can’t stop talking about it, unfortunately for the wrong reasons!

In the video, Disha Patani looked absolutely stunning and sizzling in a traditional saree ensemble. Her choice of attire, a departure from the usual western styles, left many fans pleasantly surprised. However, it also sparked some negative reactions.

While some fans couldn’t stop gushing about her beauty and praised her unique saree look, others expressed their disappointment. Some questioned whether this was a Ganpati Puja or a party, pointing out that her attire seemed unconventional for the occasion. There were comments about her dressing sense not aligning with the solemnity of the event.

A netizen commented, “ONLY Disha has the amazing talent of making a classy saree look vulgar.”

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Someone wrote, “Come on Disha… just for a day can you dress up as per the occasion… this is not at all the right outfit…”

Another netizen wrote, “I normally don’t comment on what these heroines wear but what is wrong with Disha Patani yaa!! One should have a minimum sense of dressing on the basis of the function she is attending! She is not here for a wedding reception party for God sake.”

Well, what do you think of Disha Patani’s outfit?

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