After Palak Tiwari, Orry Slams THIS Social Media Influencer, Calls Her “Shameless”

After his recent controversy with Palak Tiwari, Orry has again grabbed the headlines for his recent fight with a social media influencer.

Orry, also known as Orhan Awatramani, has once again grabbed attention for his haughty and disrespectful demeanor towards a female influencer. This time, it stemmed from an incident where the influencer, Ruchika Lohiya, humorously mentioned her desire to meet Orry and shake hands with him at an event.

However, Orry’s response, opting for a fist bump instead, left her feeling embarrassed. While Ruchika recounted the incident lightheartedly in a recent Instagram reel, Orry didn’t seem amused. He commented on her post, labeling her as sly and shameless.

Commenting on her post Orry wrote, “Babe, I do not know you, you ain’t my homie, I do not know what germs and shit your hand carries..I am always happy to meet fans and friends, when the time permits, shoving your way to me at a public event, passing my security and disrespecting my manager, you yet got close to me and politely greeted you, dont expect strangers to touch you, you got a friendly fist bump but event that’s not enough ???…And if you were truly embarrassed what is the need for this clout chasing video ???”.

Orry has also threatened to take legal action against Ruchika for defaming him. He wrote, “I will be filing a defamation case immediately. Legal has already been notified. CCTV will also be pulled”.

According to Ruchika, she approached Orry and praised his work, to which he kindly responded. However, Orry’s manager stepped in and requested that Ms. Lohiya refrain from taking photographs, which she agreed to. As she was departing, Ruchika claims that she extended her hand for a handshake. Instead of shaking her hand, Orry reluctantly offered a fist bump.

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