3 Reasons Why OMG 2 Might Flop At The Box Office

The future of Akshay Kumar's upcoming film OMG 2 looks bleak. Here's why the film might not work at the box office.

Khiladi Akshay Kumar is known to be the busiest actor in Bollywood. He allegedly shoots for 5-6 films per year while his colleagues do an average of one film per year. Actors like Aamir Khan and Ranbir Kapoor even take 3-4 years to complete one film. Well, Akshay Kumar likes to keep himself busy and therefore, he has a new film releasing every 2-3 months. Currently, Akshay is awaiting the release of OMG 2. It is a sequel to Oh My God: OMG which was released in 2012 and raked a decent collection at the box office. 11 years later, the makers are ready with the sequel but the future of the film looks bleak. Here’s why OMG 2 might fail at the box office:

1. Clash with Gadar 2 and Animal

A few days ago, Akshay Kumar released a new poster of the film along with the release date. The film will hit the theaters on 11 August. It is clashing with two other big films. Akshay’s OMG 2 will clash with Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel’s much-awaited Gadar 2. Let us tell you that Gadar is an all-time classic film and has a much bigger fan following than OMG 2. So, it is obvious that people will prefer Gadar 2 over OMG 2. We even ran a poll where Gadar 2 received more votes than OMG 2. These films will also face a clash with Ranbir Kapoor’s action film Animal and fans are super excited for it as well. With three big films releasing on the same day, the collections of each of these films will suffer a setback and OMG 2 already has a few more negatives listed below.

2. Poor track record

Akshay Kumar’s recent track record is very poor. His last few films were major flops of his career. All of his films like Bachchhan Pandey, Raksha Bandhan, Prithviraj, Ram Setu and Selfiee tanked at the box office with negative reviews from the critics and the audience. So this time, people are already skeptical about OMG 2.

A Twitter user wrote, “Akshay Kumar’s last 5 movies are Box Office Disasters and his last movie did 2cr on Opening Day. With this biggest record of shame, he is doing a three-way clash with #Animal and #Gadar2 is the Biggest laughing moment in Bollywood History. He must be thinking he has 133 Teeth to win the battle but someone should tell him, it requires Starpower and he doesn’t have it. #OMG2”

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3. Religious sentiments

The first part of the film revolved around the story of a middle-class shopkeeper who files a case against God after his shop is destroyed in a natural calamity. The film addressed sensitive topics like religion, beliefs, superstitions and the preachings of religious gurus. With the outburst of social media, films are often rejected and boycotted for allegedly hurting religious sentiments. For OMG 2, people on the Internet have already warned the makers that they will not watch the film if it shows Hindu religion in bad light or questions their beliefs.

“Agar is movie mein hindu sanskriti ke khilaaf kuch hua to 11 ko sunny paaji pump ukhaad denge,” read a tweet.

Another tweet reads, “We Indians will choose patriotic movie gadar 2 over anti Hindu movie OMG2 on 11th aug.”

OMG 2 is a satirical drama film directed by Amit Rai. It features Akshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi, Yami Gautam and Arun Govil.

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