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Episodic Documentary On India’s Oscar Entry Jallikattu Releases Soon

After gaining international attention and eye balls thanks to it releasing digitally on Amazon Prime Video India and ultimately becoming an official entry from India for Oscars 2021, episodic documentary series on Jallikattu releases soon.

Malayalam Film industry also known as Mollywood is slowly getting recognized globally where it’s a moment of pride that from Indian film industry Malayalam film Jallikattu is officially India’s entry and only film for Oscar Awards 2021. Now the most exciting update in same is that episodic documentary on India’s official Oscar entry Jallikattu releases soon.

Honestly, Jallikattu is India’s hidden and undiscovered cinematic masterpiece that is getting the global recognition and exposure after not getting enough appreciation in India and being termed as a dud film. Internationally, Jallikattu has made our country super proud with being the only Malayalam language film that is India’s official entry to Oscars 2021. This news has surely made our chest swell with pride that now finally, episodic documentary on India’s official Oscar entry Jallikattu releases soon.

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This film got released digitally on Amazon Prime Video India post which it managed to grab the international attention and now has become India’s official entry to Oscars 2021 post which it has also ended up becoming a part of the mainstream cinematic discourse which is going to stay that way only since the episodic documentary on India’s official Oscar entry Jallikattu releases soon.

Now during an interview with an Indian digital entertainment portal, when the noted film maker Vivian Radhakrishnan was asked that is Jallikattu going to be released in form of series, on this he said, “It is an attempt to examine in detail the effort of every department involved in the film’s making, and provide insight for aspiring filmmakers and film students. There are around 40,000 clips. Since there is plenty of material, we looked at multiple possibilities to present them during the editing stage. The documentary format is still strange to many and is enjoyed only by a niche audience. Only a few people enjoy the documentaries on Netflix, which are quite well-made and fascinating. We have tried to maintain the same standard in our work too”.

Apparently, there is no real fixed date as to when this documentary styled 8 episodic mini-series is going to be released, but we are speculating and mulling that may be it could be soon as then they might be actually able to create more curiosity and buzz with the news of being India’s only official Oscar 2021 entry and in this the most intriguing and captivating part is that Vivian has said it will initially be released in form of eight episodes, post which if it gets more attention and good response then certainly more episodes might be on their way.

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