Wednesday, September 30, 2020

    Did you know Mammootty started the trend to carry mobile phones on sets

    Director Thulasidas revealed that superstar Mammootty was the privileged one to have a mobile phone those days.


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    Gone are the days when Mobile Phones were a luxury and affordable to only a few. Now almost every other person in the world has a mobile phone. Recalling an incident about Mobile phones, director Thulasidas said that superstar Mammootty was the privileged one to have a mobile phone those days.

    He further said that during the shooting of ‘Aayiram Naavulla Ananthan’ Mammootty arrived on the set with a  big Motorola mobile phone which became an instant topic of news on the sets.

    The director also said that after a few days, Gauthami, Madhavi and Devan came with their own mobile phones. Murali, however, did not have one.

    “On a few occasions, as the camera started to roll, a mobile would ring, the actor would then stop the shoot and go off to answer the call. Murali, however was not at all pleased with all this and then soon he called me and said, if it happened again, he would go away. I had a tough time convincing him, but soon things were sorted out and the shoot continued.”

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    Thulsidas has directed almost 31 films and all of them were hits on the box-office.

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