Did Shoaib Malik Send ‘Flirty’ Text To Pakistani Actress Nawal Saeed? Actress Reacts!

Pakistani actress Nawal Saeed has shocked many by revealing that cricketers have been sliding into her DMs and sending 'flirty' messages.

Once again, former tennis star Sania Mirza’s ex-husband, Shoaib Malik, is making headlines. During a recent interview on a Pakistani chat show called ‘Life Green Hai’, actress Nawal Saeed made a shocking revelation about Pakistani cricketers, leaving many speculating if she was referring to Shoaib. This comes after Shoaib surprised everyone on January 20, 2024, by announcing his marriage to actress Sana Javed via a social media post.

In an interview with Aijaz Aslam and Nadia Khan, Nawal revealed that she receives direct messages from numerous cricketers, including those who are married or in committed relationships. When Pakistani cricketer Naseem Shah’s name was mentioned, she laughed it off.

Similarly, when asked about Shoaib Malik, Nawal evaded the question with laughter. When questioned about the content of the messages, Nawal declined to elaborate, leading to speculation online about whether Shoaib had sent her “flirty” direct messages.

Meanwhile, now taking to her Instagram stories, Nawal seemingly addressed the controversy created due to her statement. Nawal shared a long message in her Instagram story and wrote, “In Ramazan, not only do we exercise steadfastness over food, but also control our eyes, ears, and tongue.”

She added, “People should be mindful of the fact that giving an altogether opposite perception to a statement in a show, merely for a few likes, could violate the privacy and dignity of individuals, especially when names of people are falsely assumed, who have nothing to do with any situation. The recent show, where no name was taken, rather the controversial questions were avoided, is a classic example. May Allah bless you all today, and every day that follows.”

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