Mike Pompeo On Tour Of US Allies As Trump Refuses To Concede Defeat

The Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is expected to visit Paris, Istanbul, the Soviet republic of Georgia before visiting Jerusalem, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar.

Mike Pompeo is on a 7 nation tour of US allies is expected to discuss matter related to Iran. All the nations that Pompeo has planned to visit have congratulated Joe Biden on his win against Donald Trump. Meanwhile Donald Trump has still refused to accept defeat.

Pompeo plans to leave on Friday for Paris and from there to Istanbul and the former Soviet of Georgia. After that he plans to move forward to Jerusalem and then the Gulf Allies.

The trip will discuss Trump’s “historic efforts to forge peace and cooperation throughout the Middle East,” Pompeo has said.

It is very likely that things will get awkward as Trump refuses to acknowledge his defeat. His administration has refused to even start the transition of power to Joe Biden. Joe Biden will be inaugurated on the 20th of January.

Many European nations including France had strained relations with Trump hence it comes as no surprise that they swiftly congratulated Joe Biden for his win.

France hopes to have better relations with Biden, as the share same priorities on fighting climate change, cooperating against the Covid-19 pandemic and pursuing diplomacy with Iran.

But what is surprising is that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoga are all friends of Trump. Even they have congratulated Joe Biden.

The President Elect has sworn to put highest priority on human rights and democracy. His goals and priorities are clear.

Joe Biden will also call forth the re-evaluation of relationship with Saudi Arabia.

Mike Pompeo on his trip is expected to discuss raising further pressure on Iran in the remaining two months of the Trump administration. Iran had in 2018 bolted from a multinational denuclearization accord with Tehran and imposed punishing unilateral sanctions.

Israel and Gulf Arabs have seen growing relations as they share the Trump administration’s hostility to Iran.

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The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain had said in September that they would recognise the Jewish nation of Israel. Donald Trump had also pressed Saudi Arab to follow suit. Sudan has also promised that it will normalise relations with Israel.

It will be Pompeo’s first solo trip to Paris. Mike Pompeo had took a dig at the last Democratic secretary of state, John Kerry, for his frequent travels to Paris, telling a conservative group earlier this year that he was not interested in “fancy dinners” and “cocktails.”