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Donald Trump In Denial Over Election Loss And Blocks Biden

The United States of America has spoken. It has clearly made its decision and choose its next leader. Only Donald Trump did not get the memo.

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Donald Trump is in denial over election loss. He has officially refused to accept the fact that he has lost. Trump is now a one term wonder.

After loosing the election Trump has closed himself in the White House. He has also denied all access to President Elect Joe Biden and has made the transition of power more complicated than it has to be.

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His tweet clearly shows that Donald Trump is living in denial.


Donald Trump is in some fantasy realm where he has won. He has refused to accept defeat and is mounting a long list of flimsy court challenges to entertain his fancy.

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Several suits have already been thrown out almost immediately. The remaining clearly have no chance of overturning Biden’s slim but convincing victories in multiple states.

Trump’s attempt to hold on to power has become all consuming for the man who often makes a point of publicly mocking rivals as “losers.”

What has Donald Trump been doing since November 3

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Since the Election day, he has refused to leave the White House and has only made very few public appearances. He has also stopped giving his normal press conference and impromptu Fox New interview.

His only known activities outside the White House have been to play golf twice over the weekend, after the results came in.

Trump has also not made any mention of the dramatic rebound in the Covid-19 pandemic across the country.

The only thing Donald Trump has been doing with energy is tweeting.He has been tweeting about all the things wrong with the election and how he could have won.He also has been retweeting supporting quotes from friendly Fox news channel.

The only thing substantial Trump did was firing of his defence secretary Mark Esper on Monday.

The Proper Tradition of Transition of Power

Almost four years ago Tuesday, Trump had just won his surprise victory against Hillary Clinton and toured the White House for the first time as a guest of the outgoing Democratic incumbent Barack Obama.

This is a courtesy given to the presidents-elect as an old tradition, highlighting the nation’s near sacred respect for the peaceful transfer of power.

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Trump, who came into office vowing to upend institutions and what he claimed to be the deep state is now shattering another tradition.

Not only has he failed to invite Biden for a chat in the Oval Office, he is also blocking the Democrat from access to facilities, funding and expertise that usually comes in a ready made package to help the incoming leader.

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