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These hilarious moments in cricket history will make you laugh

Here are a few hilarious moments in the cricketing history that will make us go LOL.

Cricket is called the gentleman’s game and it is a game filled with a lot of emotions. Emotions like fun, seriousness, anger, enjoyment, nervousness, and all other emotions that are possible can be seen on the cricket field. But sometimes we also get to see that during a serious time of play a funny incident takes place which makes all us all laugh. 

In this video, we will share with you some of such funny moments that happened on the cricket all over the years.

The first moment happened during a test match between South Africa and England. While England was batting  Jacques Kallis hit a ball for a run, Andrew Strauss ran to the ball and while he bent down to pick the ball his sunglasses took off from his body and as Strauss threw the ball, the ball exactly hit the glasses and they broke into pieces. Everyone on the field near him couldn’t control their laughter after watching this.

During a match between Pakistan and West Indies. Chris Gayle hit a ball high up in the air. Sayeed Ajmal came running to take the catch, but when he reached to take the catch and positioned himself, the ball came down and just fell beside him without even touching his body. The judgment by Ajmal was bizarre.

The third incident is between Australia and England, William ran behind the ball to field. He took a side slide to stop the ball, but the ball was in no mood to stop as it went on running ahead. William was so bad in his judgment to slide and that he failed to stop the ball even after three different slides. Eventually, the ball felt pity for William and stopped by itself.

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