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5 Natural Ways To Cure and Prevent Tonsil Infection

Tonsil Infection or as the medical term prefers tonsillitis is common among everyone. The causes are mostly viral infection. There are a few natural ways/home remedies to cure and prevent tonsil infections aka tonsillitis. Read below to know more.

Tonsil infection or as the medical term prefers tonsillitis is common among everyone. Every person in some or the other time in their life has experienced issues with tonsils. The tonsil inflammation often happens due to cold or any other kind of viral infection. A few natural ways are also available to cure tonsil infection.

Tonsillitis can cause sore throat, fever, headache, bad breath, ear pain, and even pain when swallowing. In this type of situation, the doctors mostly prescribe antibiotics to fight the bacterial infection. The antibiotics are effective but can also cause side effects.

Speaking of which, there a few natural/home remedies to cure and prevent tonsil infections aka tonsillitis. Certain kitchen essentials and age-old tricks might works wonders in curing tonsil infection.

Here are a few Natural Home Remedies to cure and prevent Tonsil Infect

Salt Water Gargle

The saltwater gargle is an age-old trick to cure tonsil infections. Gargling three times a day with warm salt water can help cure and prevent tonsil infection. The salt in the warm water helps to reduce inflammation. Stir ½ teaspoon of salt in half a glass of warm water and gargle for 2 minutes. Later rinse the mouth with regular water.

Raw Honey

Raw honey comes with its own set of benefits that can help ease the tonsil infection. The raw honey reduces the itchiness in the throat caused due to the infection. One can directly have a spoonful of honey or add to tea to help cure tonsillitis.

Turmeric Milk

Turmeric has a spice is an antibiotic and has many medical benefits. With having a problem swallowing hard food due to inflammation, milk can do the necessary work of providing the necessary energy. One teaspoon of turmeric mixed with warm milk can do wonders to the sore throat.

Ginger Tea

Ginger as an herb has many medicinal benefits. It helps in not only digestion but also cold symptoms. As sore throat often happens due to cold, mixing a small slice of ginger in tea can do wonders for the tonsils. It also serves as a tasty beverage which may also aid in curing tonsillitis.

Steam/Warm Shower

If one has tonsil infection due to cold-like symptoms, steam can be very beneficial. Boiling the water and then taking steam can not only cure tonsil infection but also deep cleanse skin pores. Apart from steam, a warm shower can relax the body and help ease the tightness in the body caused due to cold.

These are certain effective natural ways to cure and prevent tonsil infection.

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