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4 Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Recipes Perfect For Sunny Vibes

With the summers and quaint chill afternoon vibes setting in now, this is a list of four totally non-alcoholic cocktail recipes perfect for sunny vibes.

It’s that time of the new year now, where summers have kicked in and people are still working from homes as the COVID 19 virus has not gone totally till now and usually people love unwinding themselves with their favorite beer brands but sometimes people just want to soak in sunny summers without alcohol and so now, let’s take a look at the 4 non-alcoholic cocktail recipes perfect for sunny vibes.

From having the mood of clinking glasses to not always wanting to have an alcoholic concoction of cocktails, these 4 non-alcoholic cocktail recipes perfect for sunny vibes.

It’s true that whenever a person wants to let down and chill out, alcohol is not really seen as a prerequisite off late since now more than ever, recently there’s been a growing influx of non-alcoholic cocktails which are literally drinks replicating the cocktail experience minus the spirit and booze slowly making their way and presence in the bar menus which is why these 4 non-alcoholic cocktail recipes perfect for sunny vibes.

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Not only this, but these tastefully curated cocktails and flavourful concoctions certainly do prove that a fresh bubbly drink with seasonal flavours can also be a good start to the celebratory vibes.

In the same spirit, renowned mixologist Raj Negi who owns Diablo in Delhi, has finally created and made a special alcoholic free cocktails menu so that people can also enjoy themselves at next virtual happy hour as well.

1. Drink And Drive – Made by the flavourful amalgamation of 50 ml Seedlip garden, 2 slices oranges, 2 slices cucumber, 20 ml olive brine, 3 – 4 dashes of orange bitters and 120 ml tonic water / soda, this mocktail is made by building over ice in a gin and tonic glass and then finally topping it with either tonic water or soda and end it by garnishing it with olives, this refreshing and tangy Drink And Drive is a chilled soda mocktail that’s filled with tanginess of orange juice and is apt combination for quaint summer afternoons.

2.  The Barbie: Created by the mix of 90 ml beetroot juice, 90 ml milk, 30 ml milkmaid and 1 tbsp cream cheese together, its method is adding all these ingredients into a cocktail shaker along with ice and then shaking it vigorously for 15 seconds and then strain it into a coupe glass and garnish it with beetroot slice. The Barbie comes infused and filled with the rich goodness of healthy beetroot juice and iced milk as well and is the go to drink for perfect sunny vibes.

3. Lady Diana – Like the quirky name itself suggests, this cocktail named Lady Diana is prepared with 20 ml grapefruit cordial, 30 ml fresh grapefruit juice and 120 ml tonic water and the process is building over the ice in a highball glass, then stirring all the ingredients together gently and topping it up with tonic water and complete the look by garnishing it with a grapefruit slice and this grapefruit based cocktail Lady Diana is a must have if you want to rejuvenate yourself on a summery afternoon.

4. Lucifer – The name is totally out of the box and this cocktail Lucifer is made with 20 ml raspberry puree, 20 ml Elderflower syrup, 20 ml fresh lemon juice and 120 ml soda. This is a tastefully curated non alcoholic concoction whose making process is firstly adding all the ingredients into the cocktail shaker with ice and then shake it well followed by straining it flawlessly into a hurricane glass over ice and top it up with soda finally garnishing it with mint sprig and fresh berries and for people who love having raspberry, then undoubtedly, Lucifer which is infused with flavorful bursts of raspberry, lemon juice and soda is the must have summer cocktail for getting in the must have sunny afternoon vibes.

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