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6 Breweries Under Rs 250 Just Perfect For New Years

Out of all the alcoholic beers and pints both homegrown and global, it was difficult to cull out of the clutter but finally here are the 6 beers under Rs 250 just perfect for New Years.

With this year finally coming to an end in a day, we saw a lot of new varieties of alcohols ranging from gins to beers and so on where the list is endless. So with this year ender now, we are bringing forth the list of 6 Breweries under Rs 250 just perfect for new years.

With even India coming forward by becoming self-reliant through crafting and making its own kinds of alcohols, the bar and standards have gone much higher than they were earlier with both the home grown brands and globally renowned brands competing together, it was hard task for sorting out but ultimately, let’s take a look at the 6 Breweries under Rs 250 just perfect for new years.

So, now we will be taking a thorough glance at the 6 Breweries under Rs 250 just perfect for new years.

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Global Beers :

1. Heineken – The most appealing factor which has made this lager brand so popular and globally renowned is its secret ingredient which involves fruity balancing yeast. It is a very easy to drink golden colored beer that is an ultimate classic choice for many, which never stops being out of trend. Its price is only 130 rs and can be the best choice for a quaint home party themed new year bash with your friends.

 2. Budweiser – Budweiser is another popular beer brand and alcohol having a huge fanbase across the globe which has an old world charm since it’s an old fashioned American style concocted beer that you would love to open and drink by enjoying its taste and also gets you in a happy buzz and hits right at all your senses setting that perfect new year’s eve and chill vibe  which also comes with an extra bit of buzz all packed up within its 5 percent ABV, this is another famous and must go to choice for any beer drinker which costs only 130 Rs.

3. Bira 91 Blonde Summer Lager – This another loved and immensely globally renowned beer brand which started off by being a craft with promise, this beer lager quickly ended going to tons of new countries and different places where the blonde one is the apt example of why. In a total winning streak against the lighter and citrusy Bira white, this crisp and smoothly concocted lager which has been made by infusing German and Mexican hops, is one of the most buzzy and refreshing pints out there which costs only 120 rs and is the go to choice for your new years.

Craft Beer:

4. Goa Brewing Co. Eight Finger Eddie – Just like the name itself, this home grown Indian crafted lager is a total winner in India and is favoured a lot by Indian youths because of it being a double dry hopped oat cream ale which has now ended up becoming a true cult classic. This is a total must have beer if you are attending a New Year’s home party or are doing your own home party. You should just look forward to this smooth IPA if you love an aromatic and fruit punched beer which costs only Rs 250.

5. Kati Patang Zesty Amber – This is another locally sourced and concocted home grown Indian lager which is totally created and bottled in Bhutan, this is an American style amber pint which has gotten famous along with having its own loyal and ever growing fan base since its launch two years ago back in 2018 wherein this one is a total winner for its combination of Himalayan water along with aromatic hops and infused with the dashes of tangy and sweet citrus caramel notes, makes it totally intriguing and stand out from other Indian brands in the market. It is perfect choice for New Year party with only your family and closest friends which costs only Rs 220.

6. White Owl Spark – The ardent and passionate beer connoisseurs and beer lovers have given this one a green signal and their stamp of approval as well which makes this summery vibing witbier one of the most well renowned and popular crafts in indian breweries scenario at the moment. Even though other players have now also gotten in the competition now, this tangy flavoured citrusy and light bodied lager has always been a loyal crowd favorite one which is right go to pint for the New Years eve outing with your friends at their homes or perfect for just your own little house party at home. For bringing in the New Years with great gusto and joy. This one costs on Rs 120.

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