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Zaid Reacts To His And Gauahar’s Ongoing Wedding Rumors

Popular Youtuber Zaid Darbar finally reacts to his and Gauahar's ongoing wedding rumors during a recent interview with an entertainment tabloid.

It’s a very speculative and rumors floating world out there where every other actor or social media influencer, always becomes a part of some or the other hypothetical assumptions that start buzzing in the media mills amongst the gossip mongers which involve him or her but rarely does anyone like giving clear answers for same. But now finally after having heard rumors, Zaid reacts to his and Gauahar’s ongoing wedding rumors.

It’s very rare and once in a blue moon kind of occurrence or a thing, in today’s times where hardly any actor or influencer likes coming forward to clear the assumptions or half-baked stories circulating in media about them, one such youtuber and social media influencer has done the unthinkable and tried to explain things to others where his fans are finally happy that their favorite Zaid reacts to his and Gauahar’s ongoing wedding rumors.

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Also in this same line of things, other rumors have been taken care of by Zaid Darbar who is the brother of the famous dancer youtuber Awez Darbar. He has not fully but only partly cleared the rumors about him being in a relationship with Gauahar along with explaining his side of the real story and his explanation on his wedding rumors with Gauahar.

Also currently we can see Bigg Boss 14 becoming one of the most watched, talked about, and favorite seasons of all times where in just a few weeks now since its inception on 3rd October 2020 on Colors TV, the controversial reality show has definitely upped the masala factor and entertainment quotient where there are new friendships budding, old friendships broken, new love triangles being formed, friends turning enemies, heated arguments taking place and so on which is seen as the normal everyday routine of the housemates along with the Toofani seniors assessing their tasks to see who is real and honest enough to go forward in the house as a contestant in this season and the seniors are seen ruling the entire house and contestants too.

But one thing that can’t be missed here by any audience and viewer now is the blossoming friendship between the Toofani seniors Sidharth, Hina and Gauahar where their presence is definitely spicing up the things in the house and they have been successful to leave a huge impact in the mind of the netizens, viewers and audiences by their rational and fair judgement of being real and honest while assessing the celebrity housemates contestants.

Coming back to the ongoing rumors of Zaid and Gauahar’s relationship, the youtuber Zaid Darbar recently opened up about it during a very recent interview with a leading Indian entertainment tabloid where when asked about his experience of seeing Gauahar as a senior on the show he said, “She is superb on the show and whenever I am watching her on the show, I say mashallah, waah, kya baat hai. I think God has blessed her. She is a beauty with brains, which is a rare combination. People like such celebrities who are so honest and conduct themselves well”.

Furthermore he also added this bit, “I am missing her and it’s been long I haven’t heard her voice personally. I am waiting for her.”

Opening up on the on-going wedding rumors, Zaid said, “Whose wedding? (laughs). We are just family friends, if there is anything we won’t hide, it will come out. Just wait for some time, we will tell everyone whatever it is”.

In the same conversation he also told, “You won’t believe even if I don’t watch the episodes – her fans, our fans and our social media family are so fast that they keep sending me images and videos. So, even if I don’t watch the episodes, I am aware of everything because of them. They keep me updated about everything. They tag me in every video or picture and Rahul also where he asked her to meet him outside and she said ‘I am taken’. Yes, I’ve also heard she’s taken (laughs)”.

Lastly, on a parting note he concluded by telling, “Yes, but I’ve heard most probably she is getting married this year. I’ve heard that too (laughs) again”.

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