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Sidharth and Gauahar’s Flirty Banter Melts Everyone’s Heart

A new budding friendship between two Toofani Seniors will be witnessed by audiences where Sidharth and Gauahar's flirty banter melts everyone's heart.

In the newest episode of the controversial and entertaining masala filled reality show we would see how Sidharth and Gauahar’s flirty banter melts everyone’s heart.

It’s a very shocking surprise that we will be getting to see this time around as two almost frenemies are becoming friends and also forming the bond of friendship with each other where audiences, their fans and also the netizens will be very happy to see how Sidharth and Gauahar’s flirty banter melts everyone’s heart.

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The most new and strongest bonding of friendship that we are seeing is getting formed and developed in the house is between two of the most versatile Toofani seniors of this season which include Bigg Boss season 13 winner Sidharth Shukla and Bigg Boss season 7 finalist Gauahar Khan.

Also, what’s very exciting to know is that both of these TV celebrities before entering the house had a very rocky and tumultuous history of always getting engaged in a war of words on social media before entering in the Bigg Boss 14 house.

Every day in Bigg Boss 14 house, we are seeing different shades of every contestant where friendships are being formed, love triangles are being born, new friendships also being broken, and so on.

But this story doesn’t really end just here as the most surprising facet of the Toofani seniors that we are getting to see now is that all of them are seen having a tussle of heated words with each other when situations in the house is seen as getting out of control for them in relation to the contestants where they have to assess the tasks too and decide who is playing the correct and proper game with honesty to go forward in the house.

We can certainly say that this season of Bigg Boss 14 is really amazing and interesting in many ways as interesting concept of previous season’s finalists and winners entering the house as Toofani Seniors to assess the current season’s TV celebrity contestants just like this season’s slogan said #AbScenePaltega #BiggBossDega2020KoJawaab it is surely happening in real.

Where it’s very good to watch how the tables have literally turned now as the housemates have to impress the seniors and earn their right of using the bedroom, the kitchen for making food, and BB Mall for buying daily use essential luxurious items also keeping in their mind to do their assigned tasks in a way that impresses the seniors so much that they end up locking and officially confirming them as a permanent contestant in the Bigg Boss 14 house on Colors TV.

In a very normal and casual type of conversation that takes place between both of them, Sidharth is seen asking Gauahar, “Aap ko laga mein aapse dosti kar raha hoon yahan pe? Mein bahar ja ke aapka dost rahunga? Saath mein ghumenge? baatein karenge? phone pe baat karenge? Cute toh hain aap!”

Their cute and flirty chat banter with each other continued where both of them also spoke at length in detail about their newly found and budding friendship along with the audience’s reaction to it where yet again Sidharth said, “Jab iss zaalim duniya mein hum ek baar phir se khadam rakhenge, toh mein soch raha hoon yeh zaalim log ka reaction kya hoga, hamare prati? humare jo daastein chalti aa rahi hain”.

Further Sidharth also clearly told her that, “Main dishaheen ho chukka hoon. Ab meri har disha aap pe shuru aur aap pe khatam ho rahi hai”.

On this Gauahar smiled and quipped, “Log baahar faint ho jaayenge Siddharth”.

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