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Vaquar Shaikh Shares A Fun Incident From The Sets Of Silence… Can You Hear It

Silence… Can You Hear It that released recently marked the web debut of television and film actor, Vaquar Shaikh. The mystery thriller sees him playing Inspector Raj Gupta who is on a mission to solve the most complex mystery of his career. As he basks under the success of the project, he sheds light on slipping under the skin of his character. He says, “This is my first major role in a film and I was always on time, putting my best foot forward and always in character. I was always so particular about giving my best.”

Talking about his process, he further adds, “My character Raj is a very honest, upright and conscientious cop who takes orders and delivers the goods. Not even for a moment did I want to step away from being Raj. I used to get up early and hit the gym. A lot of people on the set told me that I don’t speak much. I used to tell them to meet me after the film is over (laughs).”

The film might be set against a dark and mysterious backdrop but Vaquar says that he will treasure the camaraderie with his co-stars and the crew and the light moments on its sets.

Sharing a fun anecdote, he says, “We were shooting for 3-4 back nights, back-to-back. We were shooting in Madh Island and on the third day, we were shooting throughout the night and I packed up earlier. On the fourth day, I landed up on the set at two o’clock and there was no one. I called up my EP but he didn’t pick up the call. I tried calling up my producer, Kiran (Deohans) sir. He also didn’t pick up the call. I started thinking that I goofed up and they are angry with me.” He continues with a laugh, “I felt like the sky had fallen on my head. I thought that I missed the location. After an hour, my EP called me. That’s when he told me that it is a turn-around day. We were shooting nights and so, we had a day off. It was mentioned on my schedule. But I was so engrossed in the shoot and enjoying the entire process that I forgot that it was an off-day.”

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