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TV Celebrities Get Chatty About What They’ll Be For Halloween

On the upcoming international festival and occasion of Halloween on 31st October, TV celebrities get chatty about what they'll be for Halloween.

Though it is not a popular festival in India, but as of now from the past few years, Halloween is becoming very famous here and is celebrated every year globally on the 31st October. During a recent interview, the TV celebrities get chatty about what they’ll be for Halloween.

Since past few years, even in India the festival and concept of Halloween is gaining a lot of importance and prominence even though not being an Indian festival, In a recent interview the TV celebrities get chatty about what they’ll be for Halloween.

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When asked to Shubharambh (Colors TV) fame Akshit Sukhija, he said, “If I was invited to a Halloween party this year, I would have dressed up as Superman. I think he is strong and is the ultimate superhero, so, why not get that feeling even if it’s for a party”.

In the same interview, when asked to Suraj Kakkar he said, “I want to dress up as Heath Ledger’s character Joker. I don’t want it to be funny, but really very scary. Halloween is still very new to us, but I think it’s a great festival for the kids”.

Rishina Kandhari when asked about her favorite halloween character said, “The concept of Halloween in India is only about dressing up and partying more for the kids as they enjoy trick or treat. But I like carving pumpkins and putting up lights. It’s the beginning of the festivities. If I had an option I would dress up as a Mermaid. I think they are magical and have an oomph factor to them”.

Sharad Malhotra, who plays role of Veer in Naagin 5 when asked about what character he’d like to be for Halloween said, “I would like to dress up as Batman because I like the darkness. The concept of Halloween is fun, and the party gets a different flavour. People are dressed up in different get-ups and make the evening visually appealing”.

Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai fame TV actress Subuhii Joshi when asked about her favorite character and if she’d like to be that said, “I love to dress up for Halloween, because for our Indian festivals we only wear ethnic clothes, but Halloween gives you an opportunity to be different. This year if there was a party, I would have dressed up as a Plant Lady. I would have put those creepers around me. It’s always fun to dress up as something new on Halloween”.

Lastly, Rohit Chaudhary also got asked the same about Halloween where he quipped, “I would like to dress up as Joker for this Halloween. I think jokers are kids’ favourite, they only make people laugh and they spread happiness, so I want to dress up as a Joker. I know that it’s not an Indian festival, but I love it because it allows you to dress up the way you want to”.

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