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TV Actor Sidharrth Sipani To Go At Goa Post His Wedding

Exciting new update in this wedding season, there are happy wedding bells ringing as TV actor Sidharrth Sipani gets married to his gf Anisha today and is going to Goa post his wedding.

Indeed its the wedding season for the tinsel town as the dapper TV actor Sidharrth Sipani is getting married to his girlfriend Anisha today on 15th July and speaking of which, TV actor Sidharrth Sipani to go at Goa post his wedding.

Best known for his acting in Zee TV’s hit and popular TV serial Zindagi Ki Mehek, TV actor Sidharrth Sipani to go at Goa post his wedding.

Zindagi Ki Mehek actor Sidharrth Sipani is all set to tie the knot with his girlfriend of three years, Anisha on 15th July which is today and its more exciting since TV actor Sidharrth Sipani to go at Goa post his wedding.

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Speaking about his wedding with girlfriend Anisha and more in this recent interview, Sidharrth says, “I am happy and excited as I am getting married to the love of my life. Our sangeet will be on July 14, and July 15 is the wedding”.

Furthermore also adding about how his girlfriend is from Kolkata originally and opening up on their sweet and romantic lovestory which is culminating into a lifetime of togetherness for both of them today with their marital vows to each other, Sidharrth shared, “Anisha is from Kolkata, and we met three years ago in Bangkok. I had gone there for a vacation, and she was also holidaying there. It started with friendship, but gradually we realized we like each other and fell in love”.

he bride-to-be and her family have flown down to Delhi for the wedding from Kolkata. Sidharrth says that he and Anisha are “super busy” with shaadi shopping and opening up on same, Sidharrth asserts, “Anisha and I have shopped in Delhi. Delhi is amazing for shopping”.

Keeping the COVID-19 situation in mind, the couple will have an intimate ceremony with only 50 people in attendance and speaking about the guest list amidst the current COVID-19 restrictions still in place, Sidharrth says, “As per the COVID norms, we have invited only 50 people. We don’t have any problem with smaller functions, to be honest”, which is true since marriage is an important part of anyone’s life.

For now, the couple has planned a mini honeymoon in Goa. He says, “On July 19, we will be flying to Goa for five days, and whenever things get better, we have planned to go to Turkey for a proper honeymoon. Life is living in present. One lfie we have and we must make the most of it”.

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