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Sidharrth Sipani: For Me Fitness Is Everything Now

Best known for his brilliant acting in Zee TV's Zindagi Ki Mehek as Vicky, TV actor Sidharrth Sipani says for me fitness is everything now in his latest interview.

Best known for his strong acting in Zee TV’s hit TV serial Zindagi Ki Mehek (2016 – 2018), in a recent interview TV actor Sidharrth Sipani says for me fitness is everything now.

Opening up on the backstory of why fitness has become so important part of his life, Sidharrth Sipani says for me fitness is everything now.

Also spilling beans about how he used to put his anger and frustration into working out instead of other things after an incident happened in his life back in 2013 – 2014, Sidharrth Sipani says for me fitness is everything now.

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There was a time in actor Sidharrth Sipani’s life when he was emotionally stressed and he put all his energy and frustration towards workouts. The end result, as is visible, was splendid. Sidharrth who is famous for his show Zindagi Ki Mehek can’t think of not working out now.

On this, he says, “For me fitness is everything now. If I don’t go to the gym even a single day it feels something is missing in my life and I get frustrated. So fitness is a must. Fitness played a huge role in Sidharrth’s life back in 2013-14 when he was undergoing a personal stress. He says,” Something happened in 2013-14 and I realised if someone wants to remove their anger they start drinking or doing other things to harm oneself. I have never tasted a single drop of alcohol in my life. I chose to focus on my fitness.  I used to put all my anger in my workouts and the end result was superb. In  2 months I lost 25 kilos”.

Before weight loss he was 85 kilos and after loosing weight he was 60. And this weight loss paved a path for Sidharrth in the entertainment industry.

Further, explaining all about it, he says, “Someone in the gym told me that why don’t you act or start modelling. I was surprised that how can I go into acting or modelling because I am from a business background and never considered acting as an option. Then gradually many people started telling me I should consider acting.  I made my first portfolio and got my first shoot in Dubai. After that I have started doing music videos”.

The weight change also brought a great transformation in Sidharrth’s life and elucidating on it, he said, “After weight loss everything was new. Many of my own people didn’t recognize me because physically it was a huge transformation. I used to be surprised seeing myself in the mirror”.

Speaking about his daily workout regime, Sidharrth says, “Everyday I do at-least 40-50 minutes of  gym and 30-35 minutes of cycling on road. And if I am travelling I carry my workout bands with me so I don’t miss my workouts”.

Sidharrth also indulge himself in cheat meals and add his favourite chilly paneer and Rajasthani spicy food to to his meal once in a while. On his inspiration in fitness Sidharrth loves Vidyut Jammwal, “I’m a pure vegetarian guy. I think there are very few people who’re vegetarian and into fitness. So I keep on doing research to know how to be a vegetarian and have a balanced diet. And for this I look upto Vidyut Jammwal. He is phenomenal”.

Sidharrth will be next seen in a web series Fariha.

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