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Sobbing Hard Rakhi Thanks Salman Sohail For Saving Her Mother’s Life

In a recent viral video on instagram, we can see how the Big Boss 14 fame TV personality Rakhi sobbing hard thanked both Salman and Sohail for saving her mother's life.

Bigg Boss 14 fame renowned TV personality Rakhi Sawant’s mother’s cancer surgery has gone totally successful and sobbing hard, Rakhi thanks Salman Sohail for saving her mother’s life.

In a recent viral video by the famous Bollywood paparazzi Viral Bhayani, we all can see how sobbing hard, Rakhi thanks Salman Sohail for saving her mother’s life.

In the video that went viral on instagram within just a few hours, we see the emotional meltdown whereby sobbing hard, Rakhi thanks Salman Sohail for saving her mother’s life.

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Rakhi Sawant’s mother recently underwent a surgery and sharing a video of same on her instagram handle she showcased her fans about how the cancerous tumour was totally removed from her body and now a recent video of Rakhi’s emotional meltdown wherein sobbing hardly she has thanked both Salman Khan and Sohail Khan for saving her mother’s life shot by the famous B town paparazzi has been creating a storm on internet and in it, Rakhi literally broke down into tears and also shared that she would have lost her mother if she had reached late and had the timely treatment not been provided.

Whilst crying, Rakhi from the bottom of her heart genuinely thanked Salman Khan for getting the best doctor for her mother. She also opened up no how the global superstar and eternal Dabanng of Bollywood helped her so much in saving her mother’s life and even mentioned clearly that Sohail Khan also had a huge role to play in it. She also opened up on how her mother is now finally cancer free and all she wants now is for her mom to be safe.

She also said that all her good deeds, good karma and even her age should go to both Salman and Sohail because both of them came in like an angel and saved her mother and the new life that her mother got is because of both Salman and Sohail Khan.

Source: Viral Bhayani Instagram. He posted this video of Rakhi thanking Salman and Sohail for their unconditional support and timely help.

Earlier dropping the video on her insta handle, she wrote, “Thanks to all my fans!! Thanks to Salman khan!! Thanks to Dr. Sanjay Sharma & Dr. Chopra!! Thanks to all our well wishers!! Operation success!!”.

Also sharing a video of her mother post the successful surgery, her mother thanked everyone who supported her in these tough times.

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