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Rakhi Sawant Reveals About Ritesh Wanting To Remarry Her Officially

In a recent interview off late with a leading digital entertainment portal, BB14 fame Rakhi Sawant reveals about Ritesh wanting to remarry her officially.

In a recent interview, well renowned TV celebrity and Bigg Boss 14 fame challenger and Top 5 finalist Rakhi Sawant reveals about Ritesh wanting to remarry her officially.

Considering that this is one of the most explosive revelations in her latest interview off late, its true that Rakhi Sawant reveals about Ritesh wanting to remarry her officially.

Controversial and popular TV reality show BB14 fame Rakhi Sawant’s hidden wedding and wedlock with the mysterious husband Ritesh who has not been seen by anyone till now has always been a hot topic of discussion in media mills and most juicy scoop of the day in same is that in her recent conversational chat interview off late, Rakhi Sawant reveals about Ritesh wanting to remarry her officially.

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We all have seen how much Rakhi has expressed about meeting her husband Ritesh after the show wraps up and towards the end of the show she dropped this shocking bomb on everyone that he is already a married man and has a kid.

Now in her latest and exclusive interview with a leading digital entertainment portal off late, she opened up about how she is in touch with him and also is connecting with him over video calls and also shared that now Ritesh is also willing to marry her again but this time officially in front of everyone and not like previous time which was hidden and explaining the same Rakhi told, “I am still in touch with Ritesh, we talk to each other on video calls. He is facing visa issues and there are a few legal issues that he wants to first sort out. He has told me that he wants to talk about our relationship in front of everyone. He has told me that he wants to get married to me again but this time in front of everyone”.

Shedding light and more emphasis on her current relationship status where she expressed her uncertainty towards the fact that whether she is still his wife or not, Rakhi stated, “I am still his wife, I don’t know if legally I am his wife or not. But I am waiting for him to come and talk about us and our marriage”.

Despite her repeated requests to him of revealing his identity in media, Ritesh did not face the media keeping in mind Rakhi’s controversial image but now finally he is all set and ready for facing the paparazzi.

Rakhi also added, “I had requested him earlier also at the time of our marriage to meet the media, but he has few issues and he told me that I am very controversial. Hence, he was hesitant. But this time he wants to do it. Things are sorted between us and he is ready to talk about his first marriage also. I am just waiting for him”.

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