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Salman Khan Indirectly Mocks Arnab Goswami On Bigg Boss 14

This is the most happening news of the day that Bollywood superstar Salman Khan indirectly mocks Arnab Goswami On Bigg Boss 14.

It so happened that earlier Arnab had challenged Salman to come forward and speak about the late actor’s death case, Rhea’s arrest by the NCB, and the Bollywood drugs nexus in a one on one with him at his prime time news debates and following that it seems like now the iconic actor and superstar is gotten into his zone where we would see the fact that how Salman Khan indirectly mocks Arnab Goswami On Bigg Boss 14.

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This is not a surprising fact at all that Arnab had been constantly targeting Bollywood film industry and the biggest superstars since the NCB started the drugs nexus clean in lieu of the late actor’s death case where this main angle of Bollywood drugs cartel came into light, following which many big A lister actresses names popped up and were called for the questioning by the NCB team and since then Bollywood film industry’s reputation, good will and name was getting defamed and maligned where the industry and actors were quietly listening to the shit thrown at them by TV news channels but then yesterday finally the Bollywood film production houses in which many of them are owned by the actors and film makers they became united and all 34 of them filed a court case in the High court against defamation of their industry as a druggie gang by the news channels.

Ever since 34 major bollywood production houses including the actors, and film makers decided to sue the leading news channel Republic TV for defaming them and bollywood as druggie gang, looks like troubles for Arnab Goswami are never ending.

A few weeks earlier we had seen how Arnab Goswami had spoken out loud and clear on the national television about the fact that how Salman Khan was not coming forward to comment on the late actor Sushant’s death, Rhea getting arrested by NCB, and the Bollywood drugs nexus and also he had thrown an open challenge to Salman for coming face to face with him in a one on one on his prime time news debates and of course the nuanced actor did not feel like taking these petty things into consideration at that moment but now having the perfect time and opportunity for the same, he came upfront and took a dig at Arnab especially now that his channel has come under the radar and intense scrutiny over the allegations and blames of fake TRP’s, followed by the derogatory legal complaints that have been filed against his channel by many well renowned Bollywood film production houses.

During a recent episode of Bigg Boss 14 on Colors TV Salman Khan had said, “Bigg Boss ke andar ya kisi bhi show ke andar, you have to play the right game. Yeh nahi ki TRP ke liye kuch bhi khelo. Bahut achcha ja rahe ho tum log. From Day-1, I have never seen the response you are getting. To make it bigger and better, be honest and real. Not by ki yaar yeh bakwas kar raha hai, jhoot bol raha hai, chilla raha hai. Point yeh nahi hai. Woh aapke channel ko bandh kar denge. (Be it Bigg Boss or any other show, you have to always figure out how to play the right and correct kind of game. You can’t do anything just for gaining higher TRPs. From Day 1 since the day your channel got launched, I have never seen this type of response which you are getting now. Be honest and real to win big. One should never speak nonsense, lie and shout. That’s not how you get across the point. They will shut down your channel)”.

Not the one to mince words and never the person to sugar coat things as he is always known for being blunt and honest, Salman “directly” tried to say that he was “indirectly” putting his honest opinion and reality across. “What I wanted to say, I have said indirectly”.

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