Roadies 19: Prince Narula Faces Backlash For Getting Personal With Rhea Chakraborty-Gautam Gulati – Tagged ‘So Irritating’

Roadies 19 makers have shared a video in which Prince Narula can be seen arguing with Gautam Gautam, using somewhat offensive language.

The controversial show ‘Roadies’ is currently airing its 19th season, and the audience is showing their love for the show with interest. The show is being hosted by Sonu Sood, and the gang leaders are Rhea Chakraborty, Prince Narula, and Gautam Gulati.

Ever since the announcement, there have been reports that things aren’t going well among the gang leaders, and now we are witnessing it firsthand. In the show, there seems to be more arguments and personal clashes among their leaders than with the Roadies. Well, it’s important to mention that the audience is definitely getting complete entertainment.

Since the show started, many viewers have noticed that gang leader Prince Narula tends to compare himself more with the other inexperienced gang leaders (Rhea Chakraborty and Gautam Gulati), as he has been a part of the last several seasons.

Recently, the makers have shared a video in which Prince can be seen arguing with Gautam, using somewhat offensive language, and when Gautam asked him not to speak that way, Prince mentioned that he is being real. He even warned Prince not to use personal language, but he continues to do so. However, Gautam doesn’t pay much attention to his words.

Netizens have noticed Prince’s behavior and are trolling him, tagging him as irritating. One user wrote, “So disappointing to see this from prince. I understand he is frustrated, we all do sometimes but the stuff he says about Gautam is unnacceptable.” The second user wrote, “Prince doesn’t win tasks nd then he gets frustrated nd behave like this. And thinks only he knows how to perform tasks lol.” The third user wrote, “When he is losing he gets frustrated.. he is irritating .. gautam the way he handles with cool head .really amazing.” One more user wrote, “Prince behaving like mohalle ki aunty conveniently blaming Rhea for Gautam’s behaviour. He’s only turning the show into Bigg Boss with all the pointless fights.”

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