Rashami Desai On Slamming Ranveer Singh-Johnny Sins Ad: ‘I Felt Bad’

TV actress Rashami Desai recently opened up about her criticism on Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sin's viral ad.

Rashami Desai recently discussed the viral ad featuring Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins. In case you missed it, earlier this week, Ranveer starred in an advertisement centered around erectile dysfunction. The ad, resembling a television serial setup, humorously highlighted exaggerated scenes often portrayed in Indian TV dramas. With years of experience in the TV industry, Rashami found the ad demeaning to the television fraternity. In a recent interview, Rashami clarified that her criticism was directed not at Ranveer, but at the creators of the concept.

In an interview ith Hindustan Times Rashami addressed her criticism of Ranveer Singh’s viral ad with Johnny Sins. She said, “It’s not about Ranveer Singh. I don’t want any complications happening. My words are very clear,” she added, “In television, we’ve never shown such things. People always make a mockery of the small screen, but they come to TV when they need to promote (films). TV has the biggest reach, but it is also demeaned the most. There’s no respectful balance. I felt bad because I’ve been working here”.

Rashami Desai Criticism On Ranveer Singh’s Viral Ad With Johnny Sins

 For the unversed, previously Rashami Desai slammed the makers of Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins ad for demeaning and insulting the TV fraternity in their viral ad. She wrote, “I’ve started my work from a regional film industry. And then started working in television industry. People call it a small screen. Where normal people watch news, cricket, all the Bollywood films also and much more. After watching this reel, which is highly unexpected, I felt it’s a humiliation to all the TV industry and people who work in television.”

She added, “Coz we always made feel smaller and treated like one. Actors really wanna work on big screen too, this is exactly how we get treated. Everyone is working hard. Bit I’m sorry, TV show pe sab nahi dikhate. This all happens on big screen. And nothing wrong in showing some reality but this is really check for all the TV industry coz I feel it’s a slap. May be I’m over reacting but we show culture and love to our audience. And I’m hurt coz I have a respectful journey in TV industry. Hope you’ll will understand the emotion”.

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