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Ranju Ki Betiyaan Fame Jeevansh Chadha Talks About His New Song

Lehren's exclusive with Ranju Ki Betiyaan fame Jeevansh Chadha as he talks about his new song 'Kya Tera Roothna Zaruri Hai'. Model Kajal Chauhan also joins in for the conversation.

Ranju Ki Betiyaan is one of the most popular daily soaps of 2021. The show has been a turning point in actor Jeevansh Chadha’s life who is now a household name. He plays the role of Vicky Guddu Mishra who is a spoilt brat. The young actor has now surprised his fans with a music video titled ‘Kya Tera Roothna Zaruri Hai’. Released on July 16, the song has been garnering love and appreciation from the audience.

The song has been sung by Vardan Singh and features Kajal Chauhan opposite Jeevansh. During an interview with us, Jeevansh said, “It is a romantic and sad song. We enjoyed a lot while shooting for it. My fans and friends are liking it a lot. It’s monsoon currently and I think that the song was released at the right time.”

Kajal told that they had shot the song last year but its release was put on hold due to the pandemic.

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The song reveals around a young couple who gets into a serious fight and the girl moves out. The emotions of regret and heartbreak are relatable for the Millenials who have faced similar emotions in life.

When we asked Jeevansh the ways to make a girl happy when she is angry, he said, “Gift them what they like. Take them out for lunch or dinner dates. You can keep girls happy if you take them out for dates and shopping.”

Disagreeing with Jeevansh, his co-star Kajal said, “I feel that if a girl is angry, she would want her partner to talk out the things they were fighting for. Going on dates is also necessary but one needs to communicate about the things that are causing problems in their lives. If left unresolved, it would keep bothering them in the long run. So, it is better to solve things and then move on.

Jeevansh is the son of popular actor Deepak Chadha. He said that his father also liked his music video. When asked if his father ever criticizes his work, he said, “Yes, he points out my mistakes. He has more experience than me, so he keeps guiding me.”

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