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Malvi To Learn Self Defence After Horrific Stabbing Incident

Colors TV's popular serial Udaan Sapno Ki fame TV actress Malvi Malhotra, is all set to learn self defence after the horrific stabbing incident that happened with her a few days ago.

A few days ago this shocking and blood curdling incident happened where Colors TV’s popular serial Udaan fame TV actor Malvi Malhotra was recently stabbed by a man named Yogesh Mahipal Singh who met her in the guise and garb of a producer and later started forcing her to marry him and when she rejected his proposal for the same and started avoiding him, he stabbed her while she was coming home from a cafeteria approximately four which got viral and trending on social media especially Twitter where she didn’t even initially inform her family about the same and then got admitted in the KokilaBen Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in Mumbai and got the plastic surgery done on her bruises and injuries on her hands and stomach. Currently, as of now she is back in her home on the steady road to recovery. In this same ongoing case, the latest update is that Malvi to learn self-defense after horrific stabbing incident.

In the present, she is recuperating and recovering quite well in her home at Mumbai from the injuries and surgeries. Coming clean about her idea to become self-reliant in every way, the most important scoop of the day is that Malvi to learn self-defence after horrific stabbing incident.

During a recent interview with the actress related to her health and what she plans to do further, when asked about her next course of action for herself, it is indeed amazing to know that Malvi to learn self-defence after horrific stabbing incident.

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In a recent interview with a leading entertainment tabloid, when Malvi was asked about same, she said, “Fear toh hai. Aagey bohot precautions lekar chalna hai. Par main apni zindagi darr ke nahi jee sakti. (Yes, I am feeling very scared and fearful after the incident. I have to be very vigilant henceforth. But I cannot live my life in fear) I have to be brave. My dad has told me to learn self-defense, so that I am better prepared to face any untoward incident and take care of myself. I want to be physically strong so that I am able to fight if anything unfortunate happens. I pity the person who did this to me. It shows his criminal mind”.

When she was asked about how is she feeling right now, health wise, Malvi said, “I am feeling better now. I returned home last night. The first thing we did was to pray to God that my organs were safe even after such a severe attack. My parents are with me. Understandably, they are worried and scared for my safety kyunki Bombay mein yeh sab cheezein nahi hoti hain. They are very scared to leave me alone and want to ensure that I am safe. They have told me that they want someone to be with me all the time”.

Further when asked about the injuries, she added this bit, “It will take some time for the wounds to heal. It will take me about two months to recover. My left hand was critical, as my little finger was almost dislodged due to the knife attack. Ussi ke liye doctor ne mujhe do mahine Mumbai mein rehne bola hai. The medical team performed two surgeries on the finger. Judd hi nahi rahi thi. Thodi si bach gayi thi because of which it was there. Had that not been the case, I would have lost my little finger. The doctors somehow managed to put it together after two surgeries”.

Furthermore on a parting note in the interview, lastly Malvi also quipped about how her father has been her rock and support system in this entire ordeal and explaining the same in detail she said, “My father has been keeping my spirits high and encouraging me to be positive. He told me to accept what has happened. He said, ‘The moment you accept it, it will be easier for you to move on’. Now, I need to figure out how to be productive during the recovery period”.

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