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Malvi Says That The Knife Incision Was 1.5 Inches Deep

Colors TV hit TV serial Udaan Sano Ki fame TV actress Malvi Malhotra says that the knife incision in her stomach was about 1.5 inches deep.

Colors TV’s popular serial Udaan fame TV actor Malvi Malhotra was recently stabbed by a man four times for turning down his marriage proposal which got viral and trending on social media especially Twitter where she didn’t even initially inform her family about the same and currently is admitted in the KokilaBen Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in Mumbai. In this same ongoing case, latest update is Malvi says that the knife incision was 1.5 inches deep.

It is honestly a very shocking scoop of the day that just because you turn down anyone doesn’t really give them the right to hurt you physically and brutally and it is indeed shameful and a saddening thing that such people exist even today. Coming clean about her recent injury, Malvi says that the knife incision was 1.5 inches deep.

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The accused person namely Yogesh Mahipal Singh had met Malvi quite an number of times under the guise and garb of being a producer following which , soon after he started forcing and compelling her to marry him. After this Malvi straightaway just rejected the proposal which he couldn’t bear and he then ended attacking her that to thrice.

Currently, as of now she has been admitted to the KokilaBen Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in Mumbai and has also undergone plastic surgery for her injuries and bruises on both the hands and stomach. Reports also say that she is out of danger and is stable now where she has also narrated this entire tragic ordeal during a recent interview with a leading newspaper publication where she said, “There were a few people who were cycling on that road when the incident happened. They brought me to the hospital”.

Further spilling the beans on the sheer brutality of the entire incident she said, “I had just come from Dubai, I was there for 15 days. I thought the harassment would stop. But Yogesh stalked me on the phone even there, and even when I blocked him, he was at it from different numbers. After my meeting which happened at a cafe in Seven Bunglows (Andheri), I was walking back home since my home is just 5 minutes away from that coffee shop. Suddenly, Yogesh came in a car and said that I should talk to him and why I was avoiding him. I told him to stop the tamasha. Instead, he got down from the car and stabbed me in my stomach. Next, he wanted to injure my face. I kept my hand on the face to avoid any injuries but his knife went deep into my right hand and wounded it badly. The fingers region in my left hand also got inflicted with bruises. I went down on the ground as I had started to bleed profusely”.

Malvi further also quipped about how eagerly she had been trying to avoid Yogesh ever since her visit to Ooty where she was shooting for her Tamil film a couple of months ago which was their third meeting after their previous two meetings on professional grounds where he told her of how he wanted to cast her in the music video and also when they met the third time, he confessed of loving her and wanting to marry her following which she politely refused his proposal and started maintaining a distance from him but he didn’t stop just here as he also brought her flowers and kept on messaging her incessantly where she had also once waited for 10 hours outside her building.

Further Bajaj one of Malvi’s friends, also was quoted telling, “I still can’t forget the phone from Malvi’s call ‘bachao mujhe, woh mujhe chaaku maar raha hai’ that night. I think it happened around 8.30 pm. Even when she doses off for a while, Malvi thinks that someone is inserting a knife into her mouth”.

Concluding her interview on a parting note Malvi said, “I think it will take 2-3 months before I am alright. Right now, the fingers of my left hand are not moving. The knife incision in my stomach was about 1.5 inches”.

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