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Malvi Gets Candid, Talks About Meeting Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar

Post the horrific incident that happened a few months back wherein Malvi was repeatedly stabbed by Yogesh Mahipal Singh, now getting recovered, during latest interview, actor Malvi Malhotra gets candid and opens up on meeting ace filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar recently.

Udaan (Colors TV, 2017) fame ace TV actress Malvi Malhotra who is still recovering and recuperating herself from the physical and mental trauma that she went through when a man repeatedly stabbed her multiple times in Mumbai last year, in her recent interview, Malvi gets candid, talks about meeting filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar.

Malvi who is still rejuvenating herself from the injuries, during her latest interview, Malvi gets candid, talks about meeting filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar.

Budding starlet Malvi best known for her remarkable performance in TV serial Udaan, whilst her very exclusive interview off late, Malvi gets candid, talks about meeting filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar.

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Actor Malvi Malhotra, who is still recovering from the physical and mental trauma after being stabbed by a man last year in Mumbai, says that filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar has extended support and promised to work with her in one of his upcoming projects.

Actor Malvi Malhotra, who recently visited filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar’s office is touched by his gesture aimed at providing her moral support. For the uninitiated, in October last year, Malhotra was stabbed by a man after she turned down his marriage proposal. While the accused is in judicial custody, she’s still recuperating from the physical and mental trauma.

About her meeting with Bhandarkar, the actor tells us, “Madhur sir isn’t just an amazing director but also a wonderful human being. He has been checking on me since the beginning. Recently, he called me to his office saying he wanted to discuss something. Upon reaching, I saw his staff was also present and they made me cut a cake that had ‘Brave Malvi, stay strong’, written on it. Sir and his team wanted to cheer me up”.

She even shares that they might collaborate on a project soon, however, she won’t be a part of Bhandarkar’s upcoming Bollywood project, India Lockdown.

Furthermore, she also added, “I haven’t healed completely and my doctor has asked me to avoid outdoor shoots for at least two more months. So, I won’t be able start anything immediately. And Madhur sir is starting India Lockdown this month. I might work on his next project and to be able to work with him will be a dream come true”.

However, Malhotra feels upset that some people think this (stabbing) incident has actually worked in her favour professionally.

On the same, she shares, “Every time I talk about the incident, I relive the trauma again. The incident has scarred me for life. Now, when I step out, I don’t move around freely and am more alert. No one wants to live through something like this to become popular. And no one is going to give me work out of sympathy or because I was stabbed. I’ll have to prove myself, give auditions to land a project”.

Once fully recovered and stable, Malhotra will start her outdoor shoot for Tamil film alongside Chetan Chandra. Meanwhile, she is auditioning for TV and web projects.

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