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Krushna Breaks Silence, Says Jitna Pyaar Hai Utni Hi Doori Hai

TV ace comedian and film actor Krushna Abhishek has finally broken his silence on rumors of ongoing feud with mama Govinda, says Jitna Pyaar Hai Utni Hi Doori Hai.

One of tinsel town’s most loved and famous comedians who has had an illustrious career spanning so many years in the Indian TV industry has been maintaining a distance from his Mama Govinda which immediately now has been catching the attention and eyeballs of the fans and audiences. The latest update in this long ongoing feud is that Krushna breaks silence, says Jitna Pyaar Hai Utni Hi Doori Hai.

During one of his recent interviews, when asked about whether or not the ongoing rumors of a huge chasm and rift widening between his Bollywood super star mama Govinda and him are true or not, the ace TV comedian, and bollywood film actor nodded in an affirmative and finally clearing the confusion once and for all, Krushna breaks silence, says Jitna Pyaar Hai Utni Hi Doori Hai.

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This all started last week when Krushna Abhishek didn’t appear on The Kapil Sharma Show when mama Govinda was invited as a guest and the reason for the same is his fallout with Govinda. We have often seeing instances of Krushna using the mama Bhanja jokes as comedy punchlines to entertain the audiences but yes, when it comes to his beloved Chichi mama, the actor prefers to keep a safe distance and now, Krushna breaks silence, says Jitna Pyaar Hai Utni Doori Hai. In a recent interview, he spilled the beans about how even after immense love between them, the crack between their relationship has broadened a lot.

Elucidating on the same, during one of his recent interviews with a leading digital Indian entertainment portal, he told, “I love Govinda Maama a lot. And I know he loves me as much. Which is why he has the right to be upset with me. And I love him too much to face him now when things are the way they are between us. I wouldn’t able to stop my tears. So, it’s best not to do the episode. I’ve been very close to him. I’ve stayed at his home with him and his family. Jitna pyaar hai, utni hi doori ho gayi hai”.

When asked about does he not want to perform in front of mama Govinda to not let the show suffer, he nodded in a yes and said, “Yes, I refused to do the episode featuring my Maama Govinda, as there are some differences between us, and I didn’t want any of our issues to affect the show. For comedy to be effective you need to work in a warm friendly atmosphere. Laughter can only be generated in the midst of good relations”.

Also, it got intensified and amplified when audiences and everyone else also could feel Govinda taking an indirect and sly dig at nephew Krushna for not performing on The Kapil Sharma Show that airs on Sony TV, and for those who don’t know, this feud and rift between both Mama and Bhanja has been going on for a while now where during an earlier times, even Govinda’s wife Sunita had not like and raised objections about Krushna performing on the show.

This bitterness and sourness between them started due to Krushna’s wife Kashmera’s tweet which made a remark saying “people who dance for money”. This tweet and honest opinion of hers didn’t really go down well with Govinda’s wife Sunita who thought this tweet was indirectly targeting her and Govinda. Where, after this caught fire on the social media, later Kashmera also cleared the confusion saying that this tweet was never for them but for Krushna’s sister Arti Singh but it couldn’t change Sunita’s mind and decision.

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