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Kapil Breaks His Silence On Online Hate And Twitter Trends

Ace comedian Kapil Sharma finally breaks his silence on online hate and twitter trends during his recent interview with a leading Indian news wire agency.

Ace Indian comedian Kapil Sharma is known on a pan Indian level for his comedy but there is always a section of twitterverse known as trolls and netizens who never spare him for they always try targeting him for his controversial comedy content in his show that always mocks and demean women and men as well and now the his fans will be happy to know as their favorite comedian Kapil breaks his silence on online hate and twitter trends.

Usually In B town, A lister league of actors and actresses learn to live with these trolls which will be a part and parcel of life and they never really pay attention to them but in the TV industry we can see there is a good progressive change indeed as for the first time ever, he has decided to come clean where the critics and industry would also see the way Kapil breaks his silence on online hate and twitter trends.

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He is a person and comedian who tries to keep himself and his name always steering clear from the controversies but at times it does feel like the controversies end up chasing him and his name gets dragged in it in some way or the other. Right from tweeting about the so called “ache din” to Prime Minister Narendra Modi till his abusive war of words with a journalist he has always found himself mired in the murky waters of controversies.

But now Kapil is back with a bang with the second season of his hit comedy celebrity chat show on Sony TV but yet again his show’s name is being trolled and mocked badly on social media especially twitter where the netizens not long ago had expressed their ire and rage for the same by unanimously trending #BoyCottKapilSharmaShow because comedians Kiku Sharda and Krushna Abhishek had made a gimmick and funny parody of Arnab Goswami’s “Mujhe Drugs Do” speech which had aired on Republic TV channel. After that, the comedian got badly trolled and was not spared by the trolls, twitteratis and netizens who all collectively criticized and placed allegations on him for not speaking up anything on late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death after which Kapil gave a very scathing and befitting answer to the troll in his own sarcastic humour way but generally he chooses not to pay any heed and attention to the trolls who constantly love trolling him on social media.

Kapil breaks his silence on online hate and twitter trends, when during his recent interview with a leading Indian news wire agency he was asked the question of how he deals and copes up with the online hate and twitter trends like #BoyCottKapilSharmaShow, he said, “My sole focus is to provide non-stop laughter to all my fans and I believe in making world a better and light place with my jokes. I don’t pay much attention to trolls”.

Infact, as of now currently Kapil is enjoying this newest phase in his life of being a father where after he became a dad last year, now he is also associated with a show for kids.

On the same he quipped, “I am extremely blessed. Each day offers something new. Even before parenthood, I always wished to do something for kids. Hence, you could see the kid avatar on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. But yes, I will try and do more for kids, and ‘The Honey Bunny Show With Kapil Sharma’ is a good start”.

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