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Inmates Are Starting A War Against Priyanka: Bigg Boss 16

Inmates have called a war against Priyanka

Bigg Boss 16 Update: With the finale coming closer, everybody in the house is putting their best foot forward to win a ticket to the finale. Nimrit is already the contender in the finale and now Priyanka Chaudhary Chahar is the new target for eviction.

War against Priyanka Chaudhary Chahar

As the promo shows Soundarya is imitating and worshipping Priyanka. She calls her overconfidence ki devi, party badalne wali devi, and shouts at the top of her voice to make things rights even if they are wrong. Priyanka is quietly sitting and listening to all of this.

Shalin, Soundarya, and Nimrit are trying to mock her and Priyanka say that all of them started making things and have called for war.

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Priyanka has proven to be a strong contender and has the potential to win the show. With lots of things happening in the last 3 months, she has stood strong even when Ankit was excited about the show. Earlier Shiv and Priyanka were seen in engaging some or other argument but in the Ticket to Finale episode, Shiv vouched for Priyanka and said she is a strong contender.

Talking about the rest of the contestants, Sumbul is still not seen as a tough competitor, Shalin had now again changed parties with Nimrit and Soundarya, and Shiv and Stan are still together and have come this far. Archana is trying to make her way not to get evicted and trying to make way for another chaos. Lastly, Tina has joined the alliance with Priyanka.

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When Simi Grewal came to Bigg Boss house she asked Priyanka what will she will be choosing from the plate of stardom or a plate full of love.  Priyanka chose love. Vikkas Manaktala who was a part of Bigg Boss 16 said that he would love to see Priyanka Choudhary Chahar win and also pointed out names like Abdu and MC Stan. Let’s see who will win the Bigg Boss 16 trophy home.

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