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ShaTina Over!! It’s Over Between Shalin And Tina: Bigg Boss 16

ShaTina no longer together..finally!!

Finally, the air is now cleared. Tina Dutta and Shalin Bhanot are no longer a couple. The fans and people who admired Tina and Shalin as the perfect couple, this is bad news to them aka ShaTina.

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The promo of today’s episode shows both of them fighting. Shalin accuses Tina of changing men as and when she wants. She first used Shalin and now things are done, she has shifted to someone else. Tina also doesn’t keep quiet here; she also accuses his temper of running his marriage and his relationship with his son. A whole scene is created between them.

In the family week also, Shalin’s mother asked him to stop this on-and-off thing between him and Tina. It had been getting onto people’s nerves and says- Bahar Bahut Kharab Lag raha hai. She was also seen confronting Tina- Tumhari Aankhe Kafi kuch keh deti hai, make sure galat na bole(Your eyes say too much, make sure it’s not wrong).

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Even Tina’s mother told her to stop making footage and tells her- Tu meri beti hai mai teri maa, tu meri maa nahi (I’m your mother and you are my daughter, You are not my mother). Both the mothers had figured out that this is not good for them.

Even in Shukravaar Ka Vaar as Salman was seen sarcastically commenting on Tina’s behavior on New Year’s Day as both were close dancing and later saying I’m not with Shalin. Shalin was seen being the Knight and shining armor on Tina saying Don’t Be Too Hard on her…

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It’s good that things are out loud and clear. Stay tuned to watch the whole episode.

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