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Harshita Gaur All Set For ‘Mirzapur Season 2’ Release

Harshita Gaur known for giving us a memorable performance with the character of "Sanyukta" in Sadda Haq (2013-16) on Channel V, is all set for 'MirzaPur Season 2' release.

Like each and every one of us right now, even actress Harshita Gaur is happy as she is all set for “Mirzapur Season 2” release.

Known for giving us memorable performances in TV Serial Sadda Haq (2013-2016) on channel V, actress Harshita Gaur is feeling chirpy as she’s all set for ‘Mirzapur Season 2’ release.

This is the second season to the critically acclaimed and successful webseries Mirzapur (2018) that aired on Amazon Prime Video.

Mirzapur Season 2 has already been creating quite a lot of curiosity and buzz around the series even before it’s out and now even Harshita is feeling pepped up and full of energy.

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Actor Harshita Gaur got the fame and recognition for her brilliant role play as Sanyukta in Sadda Haq that aired on Channel V and later got more prominence for her role in hit web series Mirzapur (2019).

She is once again ready to create a spell in the heart of the audiences through her magical performance in ‘Mirzapur Season 2’.

During a recent interview with a leading digital news website she said, “Dimpy is a classic girl next door character- sweet, pretty, warm, some who anyone can relate with very easily. She hails from a Pandit family and attaches a lot of importance to family values. She loves her brothers and acts as a bridge between them and her father. The character has a huge transition from Season 1 to 2, there is more depth on the character. I believe the audiences will enjoy Dimpy’s character graph.”  

She further also added, “Bagging Mirzapur is by itself an interesting story. I had initially refused the role, but one meeting with the directors my perception took a 180-degree turn. Coming from a TV background my idea of a lead role was almost set in stone, Mirzapur and Dimpy introduced be to a different format of narrative and that has added a different dimension to my craft. One thing I can safely say is that all the characters that I have played till date have been significant and relevant to the storyline.”

When in the interview she was asked about nepotism, she quipped, “The Nepotism debate is useless, as it happens everywhere. Even a clerk would feel that his son would inherit his job especially if it is a government one. When I wanted to be an actor, my parents never said yes please drop what you’re doing and go become an actor. My parents are doctors and they don’t know anybody from the industry, they would have ideally wanted me to be a doctor since it would have been easier. Whether I would have proven to be a good doctor or not that would come later, they would have tried to fit me in somewhere. When I came here, I was fully aware that I don’t know anyone and my peers from film background will have better opportunities but I still came here anyway because this is my passion. I agree some people have personal experiences that are bitter. But I don’t think its right to take the whole industry down and discourage people like me or others who want to come and work and fulfil their dreams. Every profession has its pros and cons. You can’t keep discouraging people or put the whole industry in bad light just because you had a negative experience”.

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