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GHKPM 28 May Update: Sai and Virat pressurize Bhavani to reveal the 10-year-old secret

In today's episode of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, Virat and Sai ask Bhavani to reveal the 10-year-old secret in front of the entire family. A huge argument follows.

In today’s episode of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein, Sai (Ayesha Singh) stands up against the entire Chavan family once again. She has gathered the family members to celebrate Harini’s birthday. But the Chavan family isn’t aware of who Harini is.

When the family raises questions, she looks at Bhavani and asks her to answer the question. Bhavani chooses to remain silent. Paaki (Aishwarya Sharma) steps in to argue with Sai and asks her to talk respectfully to Bhavani. Virat (Neil Bhatt) supports Sai and says that Sai is not being disrespectful and is only asking Bhavani to reveal the 10-year-old secret.

After a long argument, Bhavani tells everyone that Harini is Pulkit and Devyani’s daughter. The entire family is in shock. But Sai wants Bhavani to tell the entire story.

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Virat asks Sai that what is the thing that only she knows and nobody else. Sai reveals that ten years ago Bhavani stole Devyani’s baby and sent her to an orphanage.

Bhavani calls Harini a ‘bad blood’ and says that she had no choice back then. Virat gets angry hearing this and says that it was not right to separate a mother and her child.

Paakhi takes Bhavani’s side and says that she knew everything about it. Sai and Virat are disappointed hearing this.

Paakhi says that nobody knew about Pulkit and Devyani’s marriage as they got married in the temple and there was no witness. She says that if people came to know about Devyani’s child, it could have spoilt the family’s reputation.

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Virat asks Bhavani that it is time for the entire family to make amends for the mistakes made 10-years-ago. He says that he has promised Pulkit that the entire Chavan family will celebrate Harini’s birthday. But Bhavani refuses to do so. She says that she has accepted Devyani but not Pulkit and Harini.

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