Netizens Are Trolling Anupamaa As She Is Not Making Efforts To Meet Anuj And Is Stuck In The Shah Family

Fans are upset over the new twist in the ongoing Star Plus' sitcom drama, Anupamaa.

Star Plus’ sitcom drama Anupamaa has always managed to grab attention with unexpected twists and turns in its storyline. The never-ending drama between the Shahs and Kapadias. On the current track, we see that Anupama and Anuj have separated. She has thought that from now on she will only think of giving time to herself, however, when the Shah family is in her life, it is impossible. We see that Vanraj wants to bring Anu back into his life and the Shah family, and for this, he can do anything.

On the other hand, now Anuj wants to fix everything and is thinking of living life with Anupama as before, but Maya is not allowing this to happen as she is blackmailing him with the help of Choti Anu.

And also, we are getting to see all the twists and turns; however, fans are now upset with this drama as they want to see ‘MaAn’ back. Now fans are fed up with Anupama’s behaviour, as Anuj is trying to meet her, but she is stuck in the Shah family and not making any efforts.

People are giving their reactions with the help of Twitter handle. One Anupamaa show user wrote,  “She constantly threw curveballs in their marriage, n he quietly stood thr taking it all in until one day when she unexpectedly let their daughter go, he couldn’t take it. Even then he felt guilty when the fault was equally hers. Sadly, no realisation on her part #Anupamaa.” Another user wrote, “So done with #Anupamaa. No Anupama anymore back on the same track.Shame on you writers and makers. Audience preference doesn’t matter at all.Have some lesson from Big Banner Movies.Its all about audience.”

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