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Divyanka Tripathi Open Up About False Allegations Of Her Cheating On Husband; Slams Media For Crossing The Line

The ‘Yeh hai Mohabbatein’ actress was said to be cheating on husband Vivek Dahiya, as several reports suggested the two were on the verge of ending their marriage due to the infidelity.

What seems to be like a happy and ideal married life, sometimes, is a complete antithesis of what it looks like on the internet. While celeb couples look picture perfect on the internet, their personal life isn’t always as mushy as it looks from afar. Like many celebrity couples, Divyanka and Vivek’s love story is one that fans absolutely love and adores. While Divyanka is a popular TV actress who’s ideally known for her popular character of ‘Dr. Ishita’ in “Yeh hai Mohabbatein”, the telly actress is lately creating headlines for some absurdly unpleasant reasons.

Recently a new rumor is making rounds on the internet, the telly actress is accused of infidelity in her married life. Divyanka was alleged to be cheating on her husband Vivek Dahiya after 5 years of a successful marriage. Several reports challenged how this has put their married life under trouble and the two are currently going through some turmoil to save their marriage. But Divyanka is a fierce woman and decided to stand up for herself and gave a befitting reply to all those who’ve accused her of cheating on her husband. “One of my friends, who is very dear to me like a brother, recently on his birthday hugged me. He was really pampering me because he is like a brother to me and said ‘Divyanka you know, I am very happy that you are here today, we spoke a lot.” she said.

She further added how the reports were false and accused the media of fiddling into her personal life. “Hello, I know about my values. No one needs to come and tell my sister who is hugging me. My sister has given me very good values. And the comments on YouTube, you read. Which regressive era are you living in, a girl knows about her right and wrong. Even if she is cheating on her husband, this is her own life. This is between me and my husband, who are you to create rumors about it. But people don’t know to not cross that thin line.” she said addressing the rumors.

She also stated how women have changed these days and stressed that they live in an era where they don’t have to live under a veil. “These pseudo newsgroups who are just starting out on YouTube like mushrooms. Those mushroom-like newsgroups published news that Divyanka is having an affair behind Vivek’s back. This is how actors get work, see what he did with Divyanka. What the hell! First of all, we don’t live in that era, where a girl has to stay under a veil and no one can touch her.” she said firmly. “I was told that I am the one in sarees so how can I wear small clothes. Some even had the audacity to message my sister ‘Why don’t you teach your sister something. How can she be wearing small clothes” she said.

While no one knows for sure from where these rumors sprouted from and the credibility they hold, kudos to Divyanka standing up for herself and slamming the shamers.

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