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Delnaaz Irani Gets Candid On Working With Dear Friend Rushad Rana

The stunning and versatile indian film / TV star and now also a successful youtuber, Delnaaz Irani gets candid on working on dear friend Rushad Rana.

From TV to films and now even a Youtuber, this ace film / TV star has done it all in her career spanning two decades and now in a recent interview, Delnaaz Irani gets candid on working with dear friend Rushad Rana.

She is an ace and iconic TV actress who is best known for her comic roles and lately was also seen in the serial Chhoti Sarrdaarni in a negative character and as a cop in Hijack and in her latest interview chat off late, Delnaaz Irani gets candid on working with dear friend Rushad Rana.

Opening up more on how they both have been good friends in past so many years now but never got chance to work together until now, Delnaaz Irani gets candid on working with dear friend Rushad Rana.

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Friends for years, Delnaaz Irani and Rushad Rana have always been interested in sharing the screen space. But they were not that lucky till recently when their wish got fulfilled. The actors shot for a brand endorsement, their first ever collaboration, so obviously, they could not keep calm and explaining the same story, Delnaaz said, “We have been friends since donkey’s years. Being a part of the same industry we would often speak about working together but never got the opportunity. I think the major reason we said yes to this is because we wanted to end the jinx of not being able to collaborate earlier.  I hope now on we will get more opportunities. The true blue Parsis in us can’t wait to entertain our audience together in coming times”.

Irani’s social media post too say much about how much they enjoyed shooting for the endorsement. “…sharing some pictures with a friend that I’ve known for ages…@ranarushad Did you know that we are both Parsi? Yes we both believe in the “Masti Majha Life” haha yes can’t you tell by the images? We’ve known each other for years yet haven’t worked on screen together still, but it’s never too late! first piece of work together but many more to come…”, she captioned photos of her and Rana that she shared on Instagram. Rana too re-shared the same images to express his happiness on the same platform.

Sharing more details on Rushad and her friendship and laughing softly, Delnaaz said, “Rushad is a super cool co-star. It feels amazing to have a conversation in your mother tongue with someone on the set. With Rushad around I can do that to my heart’s content. Simple pleasures of life you see”.

Also thanking her partner and beau DJ Percy for managing the shoot so well, Delnaaz told, “He dealt with two Parsis in the house, he must be congratulated for his effort. Percy is good with camera and with his help we could manage the footage we required. Thanks to him, everything went smoothly”.

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