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Vidyut Jammwal: Sidharth Bahut Sahi Banda Tha, Mard Tha

In his recent instagram live session hosted yesterday on his handle, late renowned TV star Sidharth Shukla's bestfriend Vidyut Jammwal says Sidharth bahut sahi banda tha, mard tha.

In his recent instagram live session which was hosted by him yesterday, versatile and trailblazing bollywood star Vidyut Jammwal says Sidharth bahut sahi banda tha, mard tha.

Fondly remembering their sweetest memories together and lots more during his live session, Vidyut Jammwal says Sidharth bahut sahi banda tha, mard tha.

Showing all the fans, followers and also the fanpages of the late TV actor the right way of how to fondly remember him in the recent instagram live session, Vidyut Jammwal says Sidharth bahut sahi banda tha, mard tha.

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How do you remember a young, good-looking man who bid the world an adieu just when he was at the peak of everything? How do you remember an actor like Sidharth Shukla, who was friends with half of the television industry. Just the way his best friend Vidyut Jammwal did by hosting an instagram live session yesterday in noon wherein he praised his late bestfriend a lot.

Post the unexpected and heartbreaking demise of late 40 years old versatile star Sidharth Shukla in last week on Thursday after succumbing to cardiac arrest (2nd September), now hosting an insta live session with his fans on social media remembering the late actor yesterday on social media, his bestfriend Vidyut Jammwal says Sidharth bahut sahi banda tha, mard tha.

Vidyut started off by speaking in details about how Sidharth was the most well dressed man in the gym that he started going in many years back dating to 2004 and also mentioned that how there was nobody who was scared of him thanks to his physique and there was nobosy who didn’t love him as he had such an inherent warmth as Sidharth was always warm towards everyone that he met.

Also opening up on why Sidharth was such a mard, Vidyut mentioned that he had been raised by three wonderful women which was his mother and two sisters and talking about same, he said, “And men who are raised by women go on to become real men”.

The Khuda Haafiz star also revealed that Sidharth’s mom would always feed him with home made food when they both were younger which was a luxury fo people coming from other cities of India.

Vidyut also told his followers that Sidharth used to lend him his Hayabusa bike when he wanted to take his girlfriends out for a date.

Also opening up on one of best and endearing qualities possessed by Sidharth who never used to talk about girls and not even ones which he dated, Vidyut spilled, “Whenever someone asked him about a girl he was rumoured to be dating, he would ignore the question. Some people say we are just friends, he would simply ignore the question. He would never mention a girl. Such a man he was!”.

Also speaking about how he was jealous because of the love Sidharth had for his mother, Vidyut said, “I used to think I was the best son ever, until I met Sidharth”.

Finally also sharing about how his bestfriend Sidharth hated the pap culture, Vidyut says, “He was the only actor I know who did not disclose his location to the paparazzi. He respected them, but never let them know where he was going”.

One of the most emotional moment in live which indeed would make you all teary eyed is when Vidyut added, “Sidharth loved the song ‘Knock, Knock! Tera Baap Aaya…’ – often dedicated to him by the Bigg Boss makers for his wit and intelligence. Coincidentally, this song has originally been picturised on Vidyut for his movie Commando 3”.

Vidyut also said that this song really belonged to Sidharth and no one else justified it other than him.

Vidyut signed off by saying that when he went to attend Sidharth’s last rites, he felt proud of him as people stood there with folded hands. He reiterated he was proud of the man Sidharth Shukla was and signing off, he said, “I am proud of him, sahi banda tha, mard tha, He was happy when he left, I know he was happy”.

Source: Vidyut Jammwal Instagram. He hosted this live session yesterday on his handle in the noon wherein he fondly remembered his bestfriend Sidharth which got all the fans and netizens literally teary eyed.

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