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Reports Reveal Shehnaaz Is Shocked, Isn’t Sleeping And Eating Well

Devastated and still deeply in grief whilst mourning the death of her most important person, reports reveal Shehnaaz is still in shock, isn't sleeping and eating well.

Post the unexpected and heartbreaking demise of late 40 years old versatile star Sidharth Shukla in last week on Thursday after succumbing to cardiac arrest (2nd September), now recent reports reveal Shehnaaz is shocked, isn’t eating and sleeping well.

Feeling totally devastated and heartbroken by experiencing the unexpected demise of late 40 years old versatile TV star, bollywood actor and also digital star, latest reports reveal Shehnaaz is shocked, isn’t eating and sleeping well.

This unexpected demise of the late Bigg Boss 13 winner has left everyone shocked particularly his lady love Shehnaaz Gill and also reports reveal Shehnaaz is shocked, isn’t eating and sleeping well.

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The actress is still struggling to come to terms with his tragic demise and is yet to accept the reality that he has gone forever. And all those who have visited Sidharth’s house have revealed that Shehnaaz is not in a good state.

She is in complete shock and denial. According to latest news reports by a leading indian newspaper publication, it clearly mentioned, “There is no coping to this loss and Shehnaaz will be in mourning for some time. Sadly, she isn’t sleeping well, not eating enough and is barely speaking to anyone. She cannot be left alone in this condition and Sidharth’s mother has been strong for her, and not leaving her side at all during this testing phase”.

The report also stated that Shehnaaz was the one to find Sidharth in an unresponsive state on the morning of his death. Since then, she has just been lost and really shattered in her own world. The visuals of Shehnaaz from the crematorium have left everyone teary-eyed.

Also in a recent interview with a leading TV news channel, Rahul Mahajan opening up on Shehnaaz’s state and how he shivered to see her in this condition said, “Jab Shehnaaz Gill aayi toh woh itni zor se cheekhi [when Shehnaaz arrived at the cremation ground, she yelled], ‘mummy ji, mera bacha, mummy ji, mera bacha’. Shehnaaz was rubbing the feet of Sidharth’s mortal remains, without even realising that he is no more. She is in a state of complete shock and denial. Seeing her condition and mental state I was shivering at the funeral. Shehnaaz had gone completely pale as if a storm had just passed by and washed away everything”.

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