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Atul Parchure’s Reaction After Sonali Phogat & Raju Srivastava’s Heart Attack

Comic actor Atul Parchure talks about the importance of leading a happy life and how he spends his leisure time.

Many prominent celebs from the entertainment industry have died due to heart attacks in the past few months. Bollywood singer KK, Television actor Deepesh Bhan, Bigg Boss fame Sonali Phogat and Sidharth Shukla died at an early age. Comedian Raju Srivastava also suffered a heart attack earlier this week and is still admitted in AIIMS, Delhi. Even Sunil Grover underwent bypass surgeries earlier this year.

The deaths of celebs have feared the fans along with a state of sadness. We spoke to comic actor Atul Parchure about the recent deaths in the industry and asked if the celebs are leading a stressful life. He said, “I believe people used to die of heart attacks earlier also. But today, such cases are highlighted due to mainstream media and social media. Also, people working in the industry today have multiplied over the last twenty years. So, it’s not like such cases have increased due to stress. These things are unfortunate but unfortunate things also happen. So, what can we do? We all feel sad about it.”

Highlighting the importance of leading a happy life, he said, “Just try to be happy. Try not to be stressed. I always try to not take any stress and I also try to reduce the stress of people via my acting. That is the best thing we can do.”

Atul is mostly occupied with his shoots. He has some serials along with Telugu, Hindi and Marathi movies lined up. However, in his free time, he likes to watch Netflix. When we asked him about his activities during leisure time, he said, “I watch Netflix and a lot of cricket. I am a cricket fan.”

Atul, who is known for playing comic roles in films, doesn’t watch comedy movies himself. The Khatta Meetha actor said, “It’s very difficult to say but I don’t watch a lot of comedy films. I mostly watch crime shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. I used to watch Crime Patrol a lot. Currently, I am hooked to Better Call Saul on Netflix.”

He also revealed that he would love to do a crime thriller movie/show but no one has offered him such a role yet. He said, “I would love to but no one has ever offered me such a role. They think I can only make people laugh but they don’t know that as an actor, I can make people cry also. If I get a chance, I would definitely do it.”

Atul Parchure will be next seen sharing space with Vijay Deverakona in Liger. He’ll also make a cameo appearance in Sony TV show Yashomati Maiyaa Ke Nandlala.

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