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Amit Jain Enters Shark Tank Season 2; Jaipur Watch Company Marks India’s Own Luxury Brand

Janitri marks an innovation to save mother and child bore and after delivery

Shark Tank India season 2 brings new and innovative entrepreneurs to pitch in their businesses and scale them to the top. In yesterday’s episode Ghar Soaps, Janitri, and Jaipur Watch Company; these three entrepreneurs came to pitch the sharks and make a monetary deal with guidance.

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Ghar Soaps

The company brand Ghar Soaps is an Ayurvedic brand that deals in bath soaps and other skincare needed that are purely organic. As Amit Jain is introduced in Shark Tank India in absence of Vineeta, the two young entrepreneurs presented their products, and the sharks were impressed by the simplicity and packaging.

Shark Aman and Peyush along with Anupam gave a deal with a share of 4% equity in the company; initially asked for 1% equity. They seal the deal with Aman’s offer. During the deal, Aman and Anupam had a little tiff but nothing serious.


Another innovative entrepreneur comes to Shark Tank India and introduces his innovative waistband that monitors a pregnant woman’s belly with the health of the mother and baby. It helps the doctors monitor if anything comes up during the pregnancy or delivery so, a proper diagnosis can be given. He also said that the infant mortality rate and mother’s death occur due to not proper examinations given on time. Namita and Peyush pitched to invest and Namita seals the seals with a 2.5% share and 1 crore as the money invested.

Jaipur Watch Company

A man hailing from Jaipur has a hobby of collecting coins ancient and later founded a company that had Indian history attached to it. he introduced these watches as India’s luxury brand and less dependent on imported ones. Anupam had a suggestion that if he wants to make it a luxury brand, he must put his name; so people will ask or desire to wear Gaurav Kumar watch. All the sharks opted out thinking it needs to be evolved more.

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