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From Composting To Challenging A Tech Giant; Innovators Blow Sharks’ Mind: Shark Tank India 2

Shark tank India season 2 confirms pitchers to make a business worth a billion

Shark Tank India season 2 has created a platform for all innovative entrepreneurs to make a difference in society for sustainable growth. With every passing day new ideas and concepts blow the sharks out of their minds and can’t resist pitching in the business.

Daily DumpShark Tank 2

One such innovator was a middle woman Poonam who had brought the idea of composting as a household necessity for reducing the landfill dump more productively; inclining to garden bliss in form of composting. She introduced the sharks to all kinds of organic composting that can be easily generated from the kitchen.

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Introducing an innovative waste generation that we all have known through our textbooks, this woman has practically implemented it with her business partner. She has been awarded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for her innovative vision. She asked for 30 lakhs for an equity share in her firm. The sharks did like the idea but could not visualize it as expendable. Namita Thapar offered her a deal with 30 lakhs for 4% and 50 lakhs debt at 10% interest and the deal was sealed.

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Prime Book

Four co-founders came to Shark Tank India for pitching 75 lakhs for 1% equity in the company. Their brand Prime book is just like an ordinary laptop but solely dedicated to students and also has SIM insertion. They have created an operating system that gives an 85% reduction in the cost of education. Vineeta asked them if they will be thrown out of the market when Jio releases their laptop.

To this, they said that they are fully prepared. They have put up an order of 3000 laptops and will be selling for 15000 and when the operations began they will make the cost cut down to 13500. Shark Peyush and Aman came in together with 2.5% of the company with 25 lakhs and the deal is locked.

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ABC Fitness firmShark Tank 2

Two engineers pithed for 40 lakhs in the share of 2% share in their company. They introduced their firm ABC Fitness firm as a place where they provide training to kids for their sports interest and win laurels for country or state. They provide coaches in schools and colleges for training and grooming their raw talent. The sharks had a challenge from kids to score baskets. Aman and Vineeta did score and had fun. Later the sharks won the match and Peyush Bansal got the deal for 40 lakhs for 10% equity.

Namita shared her experience with the pitchers as her kids do play with their training staff.

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